Recovering Damages From a Hit and Run Accident

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident caused by another’s negligence, you may wish to file a claim to recover damages. With this in mind, the following is what you need to know regarding the recovery of damages in Maryland and what steps you should take immediately after an accident to ensure that you do not hurt your ability to file a claim later.

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Is There a Chance of Punitive Damages in a Hit and Run Case?

In Maryland punitive damages are very difficult to come by. The fact that you’re involved in an accident with a vehicle that decided to leave the scene or a hit and run, does not automatically grant you punitive damages. For punitive damages you need to show that someone had an actual malice and that’s very difficult to show. In terms of recovering damages, you just have to prove to the insurance company how the accident happened.

They would rely on your statement and any witnesses as to how the accident happened. They just have to go on your side of the story and the photographs and if any are taken. But other than how they would investigate how the accident happened, in terms of the damages that you can recover, they would be same categories of damage as any other vehicle.

If You Are The Victim Of a Hit and Run, What Are The Next Steps Toward Recovering Damages?

Your first step after you’re involved in a hit and run is to pull your car over to the side of the road at the location where the accident happened then to call the police to tell them you’re involved in an accident and document the accident as best as possible. Also you should call the police right away so that you can give them any information at all that you have about the vehicle that hit you. While you may not know the license plate or the exact description of the car, any information that you have will be helpful. The police will try to track down witnesses or see if any security cameras captured the accident.

After you call the police, the next thing you should do is to check if you’re hurt and if you are then to ask the police officers to call an ambulance or call an ambulance yourself so that you can be checked out for your injuries by a medical professional.

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