Role of An Attorney in a Maryland Head On Collision

If you’ve been injured in a head on collision in Maryland, an experienced car accident injury attorney can help you file the strongest claim possible. Call today to discuss your case with a Maryland head on car accident attorney.

An attorney can advocate on your behalf by talking to insurance companies, and compile all the evidence necessary to demonstrate what actually took place. For more call and schedule a consultation today.

What Are The First Steps An Attorney Will Take in a Head On Collision?

Typically an attorney will first want to figure out who is at fault for the head on collision. This usually happens through a police report or to a description of the accident to which the police responded.

Next an attorney would interview the client to figure out the story from their point of view. Typically you would want to figure out who is at fault for the head on collision and hopefully there’s a police report or if the police responded to the accident, there will likely be a description of how the accident happened.

An attorney will interview the client to hear their side of the story and what happened from their point of view. This is all in an effort to get as much information as possible on how the accident actually happened. A lawyer will look to see if there are any security cameras or other kind of cameras such as traffic cameras that may have captured the accident. Additionally, any witnesses who saw the accident can be a big help as well.

What Happens If Neither Driver Remembers What Happened?

If both  of the drivers are incapacitated, and have no memory of how the accident took place, then the position of the vehicles typically will tell you how the head on collision happened. For example if one of the vehicles will be out of the lane that they’re supposed to be in, typically you can assign blame to that driver.

After that you would look at the medical treatment that they received and hopefully they have documented their injuries and they do that by going to hospital or any doctors for their specific injuries. You would look at their medical bills to determine the amount of medical expenses that were charged by the doctors who provided them care in order to start building the value of the case. Once the person is done treating and you have an idea of how much their medical bills are then you can send that along with their medical records to the insurance company and make a demand to settle or resolve the case.

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