Montgomery County Student Defense Lawyer

A person’s time in college is vital to their social, personal, and economic development. Sadly, a single mistake or lapse in judgment could seriously jeopardize that future. College and university students are obligated to follow the state’s criminal laws just like anyone else. A conviction could result in the creation of a criminal record, the payment of fines, or even a jail sentence.

Making matters worse, the schools themselves will investigate and punish any wrongdoing committed by their students. This can result in disciplinary measures against the student, even if a court acquits the defendant on all charges. It is essential that students facing criminal charges take an aggressive stance to protect their rights.

A Montgomery County student defense lawyer could work to protect your freedom and future. Well-versed criminal attorneys could appear in court to fight the prosecutor’s case, and could also take steps to help protect your right so that you may continue your education.

Common Criminal Charges Faced by Students

 College is many peoples’ first chance to strike out on their own. Newly found independence can provide a sense of freedom. Still, with most of these students being over the age of 18, the County’s criminal laws apply. Just because a person is a college student does not mean that local police will not investigate an incident. In fact, a school’s own department of safety must report any criminal activity that occurs on campus to local law enforcement.

Many college students face their first exposure to drugs and alcohol. As a result, criminal offenses concerning these substances are common. Maryland Criminal Law Code Ann. §10-117 states that it is illegal for any person to give an alcoholic beverage to anyone under the age of 21. Convictions under this statute are misdemeanors that can carry fines of up to $2,500.

Other common offenses that may affect college students include drug possession, DUI, assault, or stalking. The criminal penalties for a conviction under any of these statutes can be severe. A Montgomery County lawyer could help to defend students accused of any criminal activity.

The Effect Upon a Student’s Education

While the potential criminal consequences for a conviction may be harsh, students should also keep their academic future in mind. Most colleges and universities require their members to sign onto a code of conduct that typically requires people to maintain a good moral character. Any suspicion of criminal activity may constitute a violation of these terms.

Making matters worse, schools’ disciplinary boards operate independently of the criminal justice system. As an experienced attorney could explain, a school may still act even if a student manages to avoid a conviction in court. The procedures for these hearings will vary on a school by school basis. Oftentimes, schools asses these penalties with minimal input by the accused.

Common punishments can include a loss of privileges on campus, a suspension, a mandated change of housing, or even expulsion. A student defense attorney in Montgomery County could help individuals to navigate an often-complex school disciplinary process.

Contact a Montgomery County Student Defense Attorney

 Students in Montgomery County’s colleges and universities face enhanced penalties in case of legal trouble. Not only are students required to follow the same criminal laws as all other people, but their schools may also act to issue punishment even when a court acquits a defendant. As a result, students facing any kind of criminal charge need to take aggressive action to protect themselves.

A Montgomery County student defense lawyer may be able to help. They can work with you to develop a defense designed to not only defeat a prosecutor’s case in court but also to prepare statements intended to protect your academic future. Contact an attorney today to learn more about how we may be able to help.