Montgomery County Sex Crimes Lawyer

People facing allegations of a sex crime must protect more than their freedom. The mere allegation of a sex crime in Montgomery County can tarnish an individual’s reputation in the community, force them to move out of their home, and may jeopardize their right to raise their children.

Sex crimes come in many shapes and degrees. They can involve something as simple as an unwanted hug or kiss, or something as complex as forced sexual intercourse. In every event, people must take active steps to protect themselves.

Working with a Montgomery County sex crimes lawyer could provide an essential advantage. An accomplished attorney could work to defeat a prosecutor’s case in court. All the while, they could be taking steps to preserve your reputation and to prevent the imposition of restrictive protective orders.

What Makes an Accusation a Sex Crime?

 In simple terms, a sex crime is an offense committed against another person for the purpose of sexual gratification. As such, the most obvious example is rape. Under the Maryland Criminal Law Code Ann. §3-303, a defendant commits rape in the first degree if they engage in any sexual act with another person through the use of force. While this does include traditional intercourse, a rape charge may also result from forced oral sex or any other sexual act.

While rape is certainly a prime example of a sex crime, the state’s criminal code also punishes many other less severe forms of sex crimes. A general version of this prohibition is the charge of a sexual offense in the fourth degree. According to Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. §3-308, it is illegal to have any sexual contact with another person without their consent.

Sex crimes in Montgomery County can range from relatively minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. While the full list of sex crimes is too lengthy to list here, a Montgomery County sex crimes lawyer may be able to help individuals facing any allegations of improper sexual behavior. Hard-working attorneys could review a defendant’s allegations and build their defense case.

A Sex Crime Allegation Could Affect Every Portion of a Person’s Life

 If a court convicts any defendant of a sex crime, the penalties may be severe. Even misdemeanor level offenses carry a potential jail sentence and the required payment of a fine. More serious felonies can carry prison sentences of decades or even life imprisonment. However, defendants facing sex crime allegations may feel the effects long before the case ends.

The alleged victims of sex crimes can petition the court to issue a protective order against the defendant. If granted, these protective orders can order a defendant to cease contact with the alleged victim. This can force a defendant to move out of their home, quit a job or school, or even cease contact with their children. A sex crimes lawyer in Montgomery County could help to fight back against the imposition of these protective orders before a case gets to trial.

In addition, a conviction for a sex crime could follow a defendant long after the end of any jail sentence. Many sex crime convictions require a defendant to register as a sex offender following release from jail or the end of probation.

Md. Criminal Procedure Law §11-701 provides a list of offenses where a conviction requires registration as a sex offender, often for the rest of a person’s life. For this reason, it is especially vital to fight back in court against a conviction.

Speak with a Montgomery County Sex Crimes Attorney

An allegation of a sex crime will have an immediate effect upon a defendant’s life. Even before a case gets to trial, a court has the ability to create a restraining order that can throw a person’s life into chaos. This is done during an early court appearance and can become permanent upon conviction. This is to say nothing of the potential jail or prison sentences that can accompany a guilty finding.

A Montgomery County sex crimes lawyer could help you if you are facing any type of sex crime charge in Montgomery County. These can range from misdemeanor level offenses involving unwelcome touching to allegations of forced sexual intercourse. The stakes could not be higher; take a step towards protecting yourself and contact a Montgomery County sex crimes lawyer today.