Montgomery County Civil Litigation Lawyer

Have you or your family become involved in a dispute and need legal advice about your options? Or have has someone threatened to sue you and you need legal assistance with your defense? In these and many other instances, a Montgomery County civil litigation lawyer could be an important ally as you seek to pursue and enforce your legal rights.

Civil litigation involves nearly every type of dispute that arises between individuals or businesses that do not involve criminal penalties. Civil litigation cases include:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Corporate litigation, including partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Property/real estate disputes
  • Insurance litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Business dissolution

Civil litigation cases can involve cases in Montgomery County Circuit Court, United States District Court of Maryland, and other courts. Selecting appropriate counsel who understands the applicable laws, rules, and procedures for a particular type of case is crucial. Reach out to an accomplished lawyer today and set up a consultation.

When to Seek Help from a Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil cases can involve any dispute between private parties or the government or other public entity, whether they are individuals or businesses. When someone believes they have been wronged financially, have a right infringed, or otherwise incurred some sort of loss, a civil litigation lawyer in Montgomery County could help.

On the other hand, when someone is sued or threatened with legal action, consulting with an attorney could also prove helpful in defending against the claims.

In either situation, delaying a response could have serious and negative consequences. Statutes of limitations and other deadlines govern virtually all civil litigation cases. For an injured party, missing an important deadline could mean the difference of recovery and losing the right to bring their case forever. For anyone defending against a claim, ignoring the case could mean losing the opportunity to present a defense in court.

What a Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Do for You

When an individual or business hires a civil litigation attorney, they can expect the lawyer to guide them through the litigation process while zealously advocating for their best interests.

The first steps of representation generally involve investigating the circumstances of the dispute, interviewing witnesses and discussing the client’s litigation goals with them. Using this information, a lawyer could apply their legal expertise and experience to provide their client with the options available to them for seeking to achieve the desired outcome. Counsel could then assist their client in deciding what actions to take and representing them throughout the litigation process.

What to Expect During a Civil Lawsuit

Although cases differ widely based on their circumstances, applicable laws, and what court has jurisdiction over the case, certain aspects of the litigation process are common to most cases. For example, a typical civil case will involve:

  • Filing a complaint in the appropriate court (for the plaintiff) and filing an answer or other defensive response (for the defendant)
  • Discovery, which includes obtaining documents, evidence, and information from the opposing party or parties and taking deposition testimony from witnesses
  • Pretrial motions such as motions to compel, summary judgment motions and other proceedings
  • Trial, in which a jury or judge renders a verdict
  • Post-trial motions and/or possible appeals to appellate courts

The attorney’s duty is to zealously represent their client’s or clients’ interests in court while guiding them through the litigation process and helping them make informed decisions about the case. For example, a lawyer, after assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the information available, may advise settling a case early in the process in certain situations while urging a client to aggressively pursue a case or defend claims in court in others. Throughout this process, however, the client has control over their case and makes final decisions about whether to sue or to settle and other important actions during the course of the litigation.

Talk to a Montgomery County Civil Litigation Attorney Today

If you believe that you need to file a lawsuit or if you have recently been sued, you should seriously consider engaging a civil litigation lawyer before taking a serious legal matter into your own hands. For plaintiffs, a lawyer could assess your legal position, advise you about claims you may have and suggest actions available to you in the litigation process.

An experienced Montgomery County civil litigation lawyer could also advise you about potential outcomes of your case, including how much you may be able to recover if successful at trial.

For defendants, an effective lawyer could assess available defenses, investigate potential counter-claims, and advise about potential outcomes of litigation. Contact a local civil litigation lawyer today for more information about civil litigation and how a skilled and caring lawyer could help you navigate the complicated court system.