Maryland Police Brutality Lawyer

Society demands a great deal from police officers. Police officers are asked them to protect us from criminal elements in our communities while providing a public service. All police officers are public employees who take an oath to serve the public and are trained to do so.

Yet despite all this, many cops violate this oath by using unnecessary or excessive force against citizens. While officers have the obligation to arrest those who have committed crimes or restrain people to preserve the peace, there are strict procedures that they must follow when doing so.

Any violation of these rules can count as police brutality and serve as the basis for a lawsuit. When people are injured by the police they should contact a Maryland police brutality lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney could investigate the incident and pursue compensation for your injuries.

Actions Injured People Can Pursue 

All instances of police brutality can be the subject of a civil lawsuit according to 1983 laws. Every town or city has their own procedures for filing a personal injury complaint against one of their employees. The exact process for this and the time limit within which a person must do so will vary depending upon the municipality being sued.

Maryland police brutality lawyers could work to identify the correct defendants in the suit, ensure that the complaint is filed properly and on time, and strive to obtain the compensation that the plaintiff deserves.

What Kinds of Police Action Count as Brutality?

The use of restraints and even force is an integral part of a police officer’s job. However, all police departments have enacted rules that indicate when certain forces can be used. For example, it is common procedure to handcuff a person who has been placed under arrest for the purposes of conducting a search of their person. It goes beyond necessary force for an officer to use mace during that search if the person being arrested is not being aggressive.

In general, an officer can use any force necessary to protect their own lives or the lives of other people. They make a judgment call depending upon the circumstances as to what force they use. It is only after the fact that the actions taken will be examined and classified as brutality. Brutality can also take place after a person is already in custody.

Actions such as improperly placing a person in a vehicle or even not giving them water while in custody can all count as brutality. Maryland police brutality lawyers work with people to examine their experiences with police departments and to determine if any abuse has taken place.

Working With a Maryland Police Brutality Lawyer

Police officers are given a great amount of latitude by society in the name of keeping people safe. But whenever a person is given this much power it can lead to abuse.

Police officers who abuse their power in the brutalizing of citizens are not only subject to discipline by their superiors but are also vulnerable to civil suits filed by those who they have injured. These suits can also demand compensation from the towns that employ the officers.

A Maryland police brutality lawyer could represent the interests of clients who have been injured by police officers. Together, we work to obtain justice for those injured by police brutality. Contact an attorney today to see how they can help.