Maryland E-Scooter Accident Lawyer

Shared e-scooters offer those in Maryland urban areas a new, inexpensive way to get around town. But new and inexpensive does not always mean safe.

Accidents involving riders falling off scooters or hitting other vehicles or pedestrians can result in serious injuries. Those hurt in an electric scooter accident should consider speaking with a skilled personal injury lawyer to find out whether they may be able to pursue compensation for the effects of the accident.

An experienced Maryland e-scooter accident lawyer could analyze the circumstances to determine which parties may be held liable and the courses of action available.

E-Scooters Arrived Before Regulation

In Baltimore and other cities, rental e-scooters from Lime and Bird appeared on the streets literally overnight, with no warning to local officials. While companies assert that they attempt to comply with local regulations, this type of shared service with electric scooters is new, and state and local regulations are sparse or non-existent.

So riders are not certain about whether they are permitted to ride on sidewalks or streets, the age restrictions on ridership, or other factors that can affect the safety of riders as well as pedestrians and others who come in contact with the scooters. By contrast, there are a host of Maryland and local laws governing actions of pedestrians and bicyclists.

When determining liability for an accident, a finding that someone violated rules of the road can affect liability, but this is not as easy to determine for e-scooter riders.

Liability for E-Scooter Accidents

The rental scooters remain the property of the provider, such as Bird or Lime, who generally collects the scooters in the evening for charging and maintenance. So, if a rider is injured due to a mechanical problem, it may be possible to hold the company liable for the harm suffered. However, as a term of use, most riders must usually agree to conditions, including provisions prohibiting riders from filing lawsuits for negligence.

Instead, liability disputes are to be settled by arbitration. However, an arbitration clause may be held unenforceable in cases involving gross negligence or other situations, so it is advisable for those injured in e-scooter accidents to consult an e-scooter accident lawyer in Maryland who could evaluate the agreement provisions in detail.

A pedestrian injured by a rider on an e-scooter will probably not have agreed to such arbitration terms and would therefore likely to be able to bring a lawsuit against the companies if a case can be made that the company’s negligence caused harm. A suit could also be brought against a driver who operated negligently, or a third party who created a dangerous condition leading to the accident.

Let a Maryland E-Scooter Accident Attorney Assist

If you are injured due to a rental e-scooter accident, you may be entitled to compensation for both economic and non-economic effects. Economic effects include losses such as doctor and hospital bills, anticipated future medical needs, lost wages, and reduced future income. Non-economic consequences include aspects such as emotional anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment.

But it is wise to take action soon to collect and preserve important evidence. A knowledgeable Maryland e-scooter accident lawyer could assist with investigation and evidence preparation to help build the strongest possible case for recovery. Call now to learn more about your options after an e-scooter accident.