Baltimore Police Brutality Lawyer 

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of high-profile cases in which law enforcement officers have been accused of committing unspeakable violations of the civil rights of those they are hired to protect and serve. The damage such actions can produce, not just to the plaintiff, but also the community as a whole, can be incalculable.

If you have been subjected to unjust treatment at the hands of a public safety professional, a Baltimore police brutality lawyer is prepared to help. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney can offer you their assistance today.

The Egregious Nature of Police Misconduct

Generally speaking, law enforcement officers are the beneficiaries of a substantial degree of public trust, in that they are afforded the authority to assist in times of trouble, further the cause of justice and make sure the laws of the relevant jurisdiction are upheld.

Sadly, however, there are times when officers and others engage in seriously questionable judgment or simply take actions that are far out of proportion to what a given situation requires. In the worst of such cases, this can lead to serious injury, emotional trauma or even death.

Pursuing Justice in a Police Brutality Case

Instances of police misconduct can take many forms, and as such, may implicate a number of state and federal laws. It should be noted, however, that many cases of this nature are heavily reliant on the protections afforded by 42 U.S.C. § 1983.

This federal provision forbids those acting pursuant to the authority of state laws to prevent another individual from exercising their constitutional rights. Matters related to excessive use of force, improper pursuit, undue use of restraints and illegal questioning of individuals by police are regularly commenced under this statutory umbrella.

Police Brutality Scenarios and Actors

It should be noted that law enforcement misconduct can encompass numerous fact patterns and may involve an array of professionals. Those guilty of civil rights violations in this realm regularly include prison guards, police officers, corrections personnel, federal agents and sheriffs. Furthermore, the situations in which actionable misconduct may be found can include:

  • Unnecessary levels of physical violence or restraint
  • Strip searches that are unwarranted under the specific circumstances at hand
  • Sexual assaults
  • Racial profiling
  • Blackmail and coercion
  • Aggressive, illegal questioning during investigative processes

Plaintiffs must make no mistake. Prevailing in a claim of police brutality is likely to be an uphill battle, given the degree of deference and authority enjoyed by law enforcement professionals. However, nobody is above the law, and a dedicated Baltimore police brutality attorney has the insights and knowledge necessary to gather vital evidence and mount persuasive arguments in matters of this type.

The Statute of Limitations

Because there are strict notice requirements and time limits which must be met in order to pursue a police brutality lawsuit, the sooner the aid of a seasoned practitioner is obtained, the greater the chance of securing fair compensation. Depending on whether a claim turns on Maryland statutory provisions or federal law, it is often possible for individuals to secure very substantial damage awards that could include attorney’s fees and punitive damages.

While the prospect of doing battle in court with the law enforcement institutions meant to safeguard the interests of all citizens can be daunting, it is crucial for those who have been harmed by those same officials to fight for every dollar they deserve. Know that a skilled Baltimore police brutality lawyer can be a crucial asset in this regard.

How a Baltimore Police Brutality Attorney Can Help

The sense of betrayal and loss of trust that will inevitably follow an instance of police brutality or misconduct can be palpable for plaintiffs, their loved ones and the community in general. However, avenues for legal recourse do exist and must be accessed by those who have suffered harm. If you were treated unjustly by a law enforcement professional, a Baltimore police brutality lawyer is ready to serve as the advocate you need.