What to Know About Maryland Civil Litigation Claims

Civil litigation is a term used to describe the resolution of problems that are not criminal matters. This includes business disputes, property issues, personal injury claims, child custody disputes, and more.

The purpose of a civil litigation is for a plaintiff to hopefully have the court rule in their favor and the strength of the law behind them to obtain results they are trying to achieve. At the same time, the defendant will try to prove they are not liable for whatever they are accused of in the complaint.

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What Party is Owner of the Claim?

The party that has the right to come to court and have the court rule in their favor is the owner of the claim. They are usually the party that has suffered some wrong and the one that has standing in the case. The owner of the claim is the one who would directly benefit from having a judgment entered in their favor.

Early Stages of Fact-Finding

The early stages of fact-finding should begin for the plaintiff before they file a complaint with the court. If a potential defendant believes a lawsuit is coming, they should begin their own investigation before anything is filed in order to see if the suit can be avoided or to collect as much evidence as possible which will help the attorney frame the issues.

What to Consider When Pursuing a Civil Litigation Claim

Civil litigation requires a substantial cost, a considerable amount of time, and a major emotional investment. The ability of the party to withstand the stressors of litigation is not easy. Often, there is a lot of money at stake, and along with personal interests at stake, it is a very stressful time for a litigant. They may have to decide whether or not to proceed with the case and whether it is worth it to them, due to the stress involved. Anyone thinking about civil litigation should first take into consideration all the factors and how the litigation will affect them personally, financially, emotionally before they ever file the complaint.

Unfortunately, the civil legal system has become expensive to litigants and discovery is a very expensive process. The attorneys understand this and try to keep costs down so the individual can afford to stay in the case. Sometimes it is simply too expensive for a party to file a case with a lawyer or mount a defense.

If a person does not have money, it is hard for them to secure the representation that they need. The system is more complicated than it perhaps should be and attorneys help navigate that system. If the party does not have the resources necessary to get through the case, then it turns out to be a significant liability for them as they may have to abandon the case after hiring an attorney or get into a dispute with the attorney over fees and results.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Civil Litigations

Some common misconceptions of civil litigations are that the filing of a lawsuit is efficient and perhaps less expensive than it really is. There are common misconceptions about judicial fairness as well. Many people expect that judges will automatically side with them and that is not always the case. They do not have a realistic view of what has transpired prior to getting to the litigation.

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