Maryland Civil Litigation Appeals Lawyer

When there is a negative decision, the plaintiff may want to appeal when there is a legal basis to do so and that decision prevented the plaintiff from prevailing in the case. Even if they win, they might want to appeal a portion of the decision if the other side appeals to give the impression that there might be a problem that may cost the other side time and money if they are trying to re-litigate the case. A person may challenge any error or fact in law that they think could turn their case around. An appeal is another opportunity to do that.

The plaintiff must be able to articulate where the error occurred, so the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals in Maryland know what to focus on. The courts of appeals do not review the entire case, the plaintiff must be able to pinpoint where the error occurred and why that error was significant enough that the court should reverse the decision or remand the case for a new trial. It is not enough for a litigant to simply tell the Court of Appeals that the lower court was wrong or that the decision rendered in the case was not appreciated. There must be a legal basis for the appeal.

If you would like to appeal your case, reach out to a Maryland civil litigation appeals lawyer today. An experienced civil litigation attorney could advocate for you and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome.

Appeal Process

The appeal process for civil litigation depends on the jurisdiction. Within a certain period of time after a final order is entered, or in limited cases for non-final orders, the party must give notice of their intention to appeal. They file a notice of appeal which alerts everyone that something is being appealed. They then follow the procedures for the appellate court such as obtaining transcripts, getting records, and preparing reply briefs. The attorney gives an argument in front of the panel of judges assigned to review the decision of the lower court. The panel issues a ruling that sustains or vacates the lower court’s ruling. The appeal process lasts from six to eight months after a person gives notice of their appeal.

What Maryland Court Handles Appeals?

In Maryland, the court that handles an appeal is determined by the court where the case originated. If a case starts in the district court, in the small claims court, there is an appeal to the circuit court and then an appeal to the Court of Special Appeals. If a person is in the orphan’s court, there is an appeal to the circuit court. If a person starts in the circuit court, they appeal to the Court of Special Appeals and from there they appeal to the Court of Appeals. For more information, consult with a civil litigation appeals lawyer in Maryland.

Call a Maryland Civil Litigation Appeals Attorney Today

A person should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in appellate practice because appellate practice is an art and is more specialized than general litigation. An attorney who specializes in appellate cases is familiar with the appellate process. They know how to present arguments to the judges in a way that the judges appreciate. The attorney understands the nuances of the court. They know which arguments tend to get favorable reviews from the judge and which do not. The more experience an attorney has with an appeal, the more confident they are in front of an appellate panel. They are knowledgeable about preparing an appellate argument and focusing the court on the real issues before it. The attorney knows how to review cases and synthesize their work so that it can be managed when they appear in court. All those factors come into play, which is why it is crucial to obtain a Maryland civil litigation appeals lawyer.