Maryland Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Doctors take an oath to do no harm to their patients. The unfortunate reality is that many medical practitioners take advantage of the trust they are given. When doctors sexually abuse their patients, it can cause lasting emotional harm.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of your medical care provider, you could be entitled to hold them accountable through legal action by working with a compassionate sex abuse attorney. In addition to a criminal charge, you could also pursue a civil case with the help of a Maryland doctor sexual abuse lawyer.

Sexual Abuse in a Medical Setting

Sexual abuse can take many forms within a medical setting. This is especially true given the special nature of the doctor-patient relationship. A doctor could use the sway they hold in the lives of their patient to coerce them into unwanted sexual contact. For example, a doctor could take advantage of a patient who is under anesthesia or otherwise unable to consent to sexual contact at all. This form of abuse could make it difficult for the patient to be sure if they were assaulted at all.

Not all acts of sexual abuse are outright assaults. For example, sexual abuse could also involve harassment that is sexual in nature. A physician could inappropriately comment on a patient’s body or pry regarding their sexual orientation.

Some of the most nefarious acts of sexual abuse are disguised as necessary medical treatment. A doctor could inquire into a patient’s sexual history even though it is not relevant to the treatment at hand. Similarly, they could order unnecessary physical exams that involve prolonged intimate contact with the patient.

All these circumstances amount to sexual abuse. When this type of sexual abuse occurs, the survivor might find it difficult to determine their next steps. Thankfully, a Maryland attorney could provide helpful guidance about how to pursue compensation in cases of physician sexual abuse.

The Difference Between Civil and Criminal Cases

It is possible for the perpetrator of sexual abuse to face not only civil lawsuits, but also criminal prosecution at the same time. For that reason, it is helpful to understand the difference between these two systems.

Criminal Case

When an abuser is charged with a crime, they face the potential for jail time or fines. These cases are filed and overseen by the state. While a prosecutor is likely to take a survivor’s feelings into account, they have the ultimate power to file a case or choose not to pursue an allegation.

Civil Case

Civil cases are different. These lawsuits are filed by the survivor. In addition to the perpetrator, it could also be possible to pursue a civil case against a hospital or employer, depending on the circumstances. What’s more, the burden of proof for these cases is lower than a criminal case. That means it could be possible to succeed on a physician sexual abuse case with the help of a Maryland lawyer—even if there is not enough evidence for a criminal charge.

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The violation of trust that follows a doctor sexually abusing a patient is extreme. For many survivors, this trauma could haunt them for the rest of their life.

A Maryland doctor sexual assault lawyer could help a survivor seek justice through a civil lawsuit. Call today to learn more.