Maryland Athletic Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Coaches and personal trainers play a pivotal role in our lives. They can guide us towards healthy habits, teach us discipline, and act as role models for our children.

Sadly, relationships with personal trainers can also expose people to unexpected harm. For instance, developing close social ties with these individuals could leave us vulnerable to sexual misconduct or assault that irreversibly impacts us. These unfortunate situations can be even more dangerous when they impact children.

A Maryland athletic sexual abuse lawyer may be able to help if you or your child have experienced unwarranted misconduct at the hands of an athletic trainer or coach. A knowledgeable sexual misconduct attorney could help explain the state’s laws, fully investigate the incident, and demand that all liable parties provide appropriate compensation in civil court.

What Does it Mean to Commit Sexual Abuse?

All forms of sexual abuse are prohibited under state laws. In general, Maryland Code Annotated, Criminal Law § 3-301, et seq. establishes that it is illegal to engage in sexual contact with another person without their consent.

More serious sexual crimes include forced contact or intercourse without the other individuals’ consent. These severe acts are felonies that could subject a defendant to life in prison. However, even lesser sexual offenses can qualify as a misdemeanor-level criminal offense.

It is important for a plaintiff to realize that they cannot collect financial compensation through the criminal proceedings associated with sexual abuse cases.  Instead, they must pursue a separate civil case to acquire monetary damages. A seasoned attorney in Maryland could help a claimant file a criminal complaint with the proper authorities and a civil lawsuit to hold the athletic instructor accountable for their severe sexual misconduct.

Does a Statute of Limitations Apply to Athletic Sexual Misconduct Cases?

Criminal sexual abuse is always a serious matter that demands the attention of law enforcement and legal representation. However, a compassionate lawyer understands that being the survivor of misconduct is a traumatic experience – coming forward with allegations might be difficult. Regardless, anyone interested in pursuing legal options needs to know that they must file a claim within a certain timeframe.

Generally, any personal injury claim in Maryland must be brought within three years of the date of the incident. While this time restriction applies to most sexual misconduct cases, there are some exceptions that apply to sexual misconduct cases, especially those involving minors, which may extend the time for claimants to file a claim. Therefore, it is especially important that you speak with an experienced sexual misconduct attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you timely bring any potential claim.

A well-practiced lawyer in Maryland could assess an individual’s case to determine how much time they have to file an athletics-related sexual abuse lawsuit.

Contact a Maryland Athletic Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

Sexual abuse and assaults while utilizing the services of athletic trainers or coaches are, unfortunately, common problems. In the most extreme situations, children become involved in compromising situations that breach their consent and integrity.

If you or your child have experienced lewd misconduct or assault from a coach or personal trainer, a Maryland athletic sexual abuse lawyer could help rectify the situation. A carefully constructed lawsuit could demand payments for medical bills, emotional traumas, and other losses to lessen the impact of the unfortunate offenses. Reach out to the office today to learn more about your options.