Maryland Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Lawyer

Massage therapists and masseuses provide a valuable service to hard-working community members. Their techniques and expertise can provide relief from chronic pain or help a patient relax.

While massage therapists must touch their clients in order to provide their services, it is easy to see how the experience could become uncomfortable. Both masseuses and clients must establish boundaries for their sessions to proceed smoothly. Failures on the part of massage therapists to respect these concrete limits may be considered sexual assault.

A Maryland massage therapist sexual assault lawyer could help if a session went awry and involved inappropriate touching or other lewd conduct. These offenses violate state’s criminal code and potentially create civil liability for the therapist or their employer. A knowledgeable sexual abuse attorney could help you understand your rights and demand appropriate compensation.

To What Extent are Massage Therapists Allowed to Touch Clients?

Visiting a massage therapist or a masseuse requires an understanding that there will be physical contact. This touching may even necessitate contact with a client’s buttocks or chest. However, this interaction can only occur with the patient’s consent.

When contact violates these agreed limits, legal penalties could apply. For instance, Maryland Code Annotated, Criminal Law § 3-308 states that sexual abuse occurs at any point when one person touches another in a lewd manner without their consent. If a masseuse breaches the agreement set forth between the two parties, they could face consequences.

For instance, unwelcome sexual touching, rape, or any non-consensual sexual penetration could subject a massage therapist to severe penalties. Any client who has experienced these events should immediately contact law enforcement. Afterwards, a dedicated attorney in Maryland could help investigate the incident to determine whether the massage therapist breached the plaintiff’s consent and engaged in sexual misconduct.

The Intricacies of Sexual Assault Lawsuits involving Massage Therapists

Reporting a masseuses’ inappropriate or criminal behavior is a vital part of seeking justice. However, a plaintiff needs to realize that misdemeanor or felony conviction does not result in financial compensation. Instead, anyone hoping to collect monetary damages to recover from a massage therapist’s breach of consent needs to file a civil lawsuit.

This is where legal representation could help. A diligent attorney could take the lead in constructing a compelling civil suit against a manipulative and violating massage therapist.

In some situations, it might also be possible to hold a therapist’s employer jointly liable for the incident. For instance, legal regulations establish that employers are often liable for the actions of their employees while those individuals are on the clock.

A seasoned lawyer in Maryland could determine exactly who might face liability after a plaintiff experiences sexual abuse from their massage therapist.

Reach Out to a Maryland Massage Therapist Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

Any form of sexual assault is a serious matter that entitles you to substantial legal protections. Examples of lewd misconduct caused by masseuses include improper touching, forced sexual contact, and rape. All of these offenses could allow you to submit an impactful lawsuit.

Fortunately, a Maryland massage therapist sexual assault lawyer could file a police report, investigate the details of the incident, evaluate how the event impacted your life, and help you pursue adequate damages for your suffering. Contact the office today to schedule an initial appointment.