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Maryland gun laws regulate the purchase, wearing, carrying, and transportation of all types of firearms and firearms-related items, such as ammunition and bullet-proof vests. If you find yourself facing charges for firearm or gun law violations then legal help is available. A Prince George’s County gun lawyer could assist you with your case.

A criminal defense attorney could advise you regarding how to best fight the specific charges you are facing. Additionally, a gun lawyer could also develop a strategic defense to those charges and fight on your behalf to secure the best possible legal result in your case. You do not have to fight gun violation charges on your own.

Firearms Restrictions in Prince George’s County

Maryland’s criminal laws regarding guns apply to a wide range of firearms, including handguns, rifles, short-barreled rifles, shotguns, short-barreled shotguns, and antique guns. State gun laws also govern various types of ammunition and the use of bulletproof vests. These laws all apply to the purchase, possession, and use of guns and gun-related paraphernalia in the county of Prince George and throughout Maryland.

Several specific activities pertaining to the possession, use, or transportation of guns and other items related to firearms are prohibited under Maryland’s criminal law. Examples of some firearms restrictions under the law include:

  • Carrying or possessing a gun on the property of a public school
  • Storing or leaving a loaded firearm in a place where it is known that an unsupervised minor child under the age of 16 years could gain access to the gun
  • Wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun without a proper permit
  • Carrying or possessing a gun at a public demonstration

The charges for gun law violations can also be elevated to more serious charges under certain circumstances, such as when carrying a loaded handgun or being in possession of a firearm while committing a violent crime, even if the firearm is never actually used. A Prince George’s County gun lawyer could answer specific questions regarding firearms restrictions and gun laws.

Handgun Permits

Section 5-303 of Maryland’s public safety code requires a person to obtain a permit to carry, wear, or transport a handgun. To be granted a permit, a person must submit a completed application for one, along with the specified application fee, and agree to a national and state record check for any criminal history.

Once a handgun permit is issued, it must be carried anytime the handgun is worn, carried, or transported, and the handgun must remain unloaded and in a case or holster while worn, carried, or otherwise transported.

Legal Penalties for Gun Law Violations

The legal penalties for violations of state gun laws vary depending on the specific offense. Carrying or possessing any type of firearm on public school property is a misdemeanor offense and can be punished by a maximum prison sentence of three years and a maximum fine of $1,000 if convicted.

The legal penalty for storing or leaving a loaded firearm in a place where an unsupervised child could gain access to the gun is a misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 upon conviction.

The legal penalties for wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun without a proper permit vary for first and subsequent offenses. A first conviction could result in a prison or jail sentence of between 30 days to three years and a fine of between $250 to $2,500. Subsequent convictions could result in a lengthier prison sentence and a higher fine.

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You do not need to face charges related to gun law violations alone. A Prince George’s County gun lawyer could assist you with your case.

Many of Maryland’s gun laws are incredibly detailed and can be tedious to decipher. An attorney familiar with gun laws could make sense of the gun laws for you and help you defend yourself against any gun charges you might be facing. For legal assistance with your case, contact a gun attorney in Prince George’s County today.