Maryland Civil Litigation Settlements

A settlement is an agreement between two parties to resolve their dispute. A structured settlement is a settlement that takes place over time where one party must make payments over a period of time because they do not have the money upfront to pay a lump sum or they agreed to allow the other party to pay over time.

Read below to learn more about Maryland civil litigation settlements and how an attorney could help you. A seasoned civil litigation lawyer could fight for you and help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Pros and Cons of a Settlement

Most of the time, a settlement is less expensive than full litigation. A settlement gives the parties control over their future rather than putting the decision making into the hands of a judge or jury. It stops the financial investment in the litigation and allows people to get on with their lives. A plaintiff may choose a settlement instead of taking the case to trial because it is less of a hassle, cheaper, and the uncertainty of a trial. A trial could lead to an unfavorable outcome for the plaintiff which means they could lose out on any compensation.

The downside of a settlement is that people feel they compromised and did not get 100 percent of what they wanted. In exchange for resolution, they give up certain rights. Many feel that the settlement process is less than fulfilling than a trial.

How an Attorney Will Evaluate a Settlement Offer

The experienced attorney knows the facts, the law, and has other cases in their background to draw on that give them some perspective as to the value of the case. When a Maryland civil litigation settlement comes up, there must be a discussion about a reasonable value of the case and what is realistic. All those factors come into play when an attorney considers a settlement that was or will be proposed to a claimant or by a claimant. The best settlement offers are those that have some basis in the value of the case. The attorney must know the actual value of the case and that is the best way to assess a settlement.

Deciding Between Trial or Settlement

To evaluate a case, an attorney relies on their experience, the evidence that is collected, the case law, and what happens in the case. They assess how the court responds to arguments and informs the claimant whether the arguments are being viewed positively. They factor in the likely worst-case scenario, the best-case scenario, and the chances of getting to each. Those factors go into every settlement. The lawyer considers whether the case has a chance of prevailing on the merits. They determine what it is going to cost the claimant to get through a trial, how much are the claimant could likely recover in the end, and whether it is worth the claimant’s time and money to reach that result.

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