Maryland Immigration Delay Lawyer

The process for obtaining a lawful immigrant status or U.S. citizenship can be long and complex. Even if a person submits all the required paperwork and provides correct information whenever the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requests it, immigration delays are common. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

A Maryland immigration delay lawyer could help you if you feel that there is an undue delay in your immigration case. An experienced immigration attorney could help to examine the existing paperwork in your case, to explain the relevant laws that may be cause for delay, and contact USCIS on your behalf to request an explanation or an updated timeline.

Common Reasons for Immigration Delays

Any immigration request is a long and complicated matter. The United States government attempts to keep a close eye upon all people entering the country, whether this is for tourism, business, or to establish residency. As a result, USCIS agents will examine all requests for change of immigration status or visas as thoroughly as possible.

One common reason for a delay is that information provided on an application is incomplete. While each applicant is required to be truthful on all immigration paperwork, the fact of the matter is that mistakes are frequent. While this is no one’s fault, a mistake will cause a delay while the USCIS officer assigned to the case investigates the issue.

Other delays are simply a product of the United States’ quotas for immigration. People applying for lawful permanent resident status (Green Card) may need to wait in line if they are attempting to gain entry as a family member of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. Others attempting to obtain nonimmigrant visas, like an H1-B visa, will also need to wait in line as the government issues a limited number of these visas every year.

Finally, it is possible that an administrative error has resulted in a delay. The USCIS offices are notoriously slow and are swamped with thousands of applications every year. It is rare, though possible that an individual’s file has simply become lost or overlooked. An immigration delay lawyer in Maryland could help to investigate the reasons behind the delay.

Ways that An Attorney Can Help Get the Case Back on Track

Some delays are inevitable. If a person’s case is at the back of the line due to other applicants filing prior paperwork, or if the applicant’s country of origin places them in a non-preferred category, there is little that an attorney can do to help.

Where a Maryland immigration delay lawyer could assist is if the case is facing delays due to missing or incomplete information. If USCIS is holding up a case because of unclear information on an application, or they are waiting upon an applicant’s response following a request for more data, an attorney can help to provide this clarification to get the case moving again.

Speak with a Maryland Immigration Attorney Today About a Delay

Delays are a fact of life in the world of immigration law. Many of these delays are a product of the necessary procedures involved with acquiring an immigration benefit. Others are due to the sheer number of applications processed by the USCIS on a yearly basis. It can be frustrating for people to experience these delays while attempting to make a better life for themselves.

A Maryland immigration delay lawyer could help to provide clarification and a path forward. An attorney can contact the USCIS on your behalf to determine the status of your case. They can then work with you to suggest a plan that can help to get your case back on track. Contact a lawyer today to see how they can help set things right.