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Not every person who wishes to enter the United States does so with the intention of remaining. While people who wish to obtain legal residency or citizenship must endure a lengthy Green Card application process, temporary visitors are able to instead apply for a visa.

The government may issue visas for a variety of reasons. These typically include visas to work, to study, or to do business. It is vital to understand the application processes for these visa programs as well as their limitations when the government does grant their approval.

A Maryland visa lawyer could help you if you are looking to obtain a visa to legally enter the United States. Alternatively, an experienced immigration attorney could help if your visa is about to expire and you are looking to renew the paperwork to remain in the country.

The Purpose of Varying Types of Visas

Visas are official government-issued documents that allow citizens of foreign countries to enter the United States. With a few exceptions such as the Visa Waiver Program for tourism or short term business opportunities, all visitors must obtain a specific visa for their particular needs.

Common examples of visas include:

  • H-1B visas that allow companies to employ foreign nationals with a college degree in a specialized field
  • R-1 visas allow religious workers and their families to enter the country for up to five years to perform religious work
  • B-1 or B-2 visas allow temporary entry for business or pleasure purposes
  • F-1 student visas allow students to enter the country for the purpose of obtaining an education

Each of these visas have a specific purpose and application process. A Maryland visa lawyer could help people living in other countries to understand their visa needs and to take the proper steps to obtain these visas.

Applying to Extend a Current Visa

Sometimes, circumstances require a person to remain in the country longer than their stated visa term. However, people who choose to do so may be in violation of immigration law and face deportation. It is vital that individuals who wish to remain in the country and who are currently on a valid visa act to extend that visa’s term.

The USCIS maintains a visa extension program. Using this, a visa holder can apply to extend their legal time in the country. By submitting Form I-539, people can request an extension for a specific reason, generally the same reason for which they requested the original visa.

However, this program does have its limits. People entering the country through the visa waiver program cannot apply for a visa extension. In addition, people legally in the country as part of a ship or airline crew, those simply traveling through the country, and fiancé(e)s of citizens cannot use this program. A visa lawyer in Maryland could help individuals to work to extend their legal visa status.

How a Maryland Visa Attorney Could Help

The penalties for an illegal entry into the United States can be harsh. The only way for a non-citizen to legally enter the country is with a valid visa. People may apply for visas for many reasons that include business, tourism, religious service, or education. Still, each visa is different, and it is vital that you understand their purpose and how to file an effective application.

A Maryland visa lawyer could help individuals to examine their needs for a visa and to submit the necessary paperwork to request entry. In addition, an attorney could also help people currently in the country on a visa if they wish to extend that visa or are currently facing the threat of deportation. Contact a lawyer today to learn more.

Maryland Visa Lawyer