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Getting hurt in any kind of accident can disrupt your life’s plan for weeks or even months on end, and particularly severe incidents could potentially have permanent consequences. Fortunately, you may be able to recover civil compensation for all your accident-related losses if you can prove in the course of civil litigation that someone else was at fault for those damages.

As anyone who has ever been inside a civil courtroom could tell you, though, knowing you have valid grounds for a case and achieving a successful case result are two very different things, and your odds of the latter may be next to nothing if you proceed with your claim without a knowledgeable personal injury attorney by your side. Seth Price, a seasoned Maryland Jewish personal injury lawyer who is also an active member of Congregation Beth El can help. Once retained, Seth could be the steadfast and skilled ally you need to demand the financial restitution you deserve.

Potential Grounds for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The majority of successful personal injury claims pursued in the state of Maryland revolve around a concept called legal negligence. This means that the injured party—or “plaintiff”—seeks to hold a named “defendant” accountable for specific losses, which the defendant caused by recklessly or carelessly violating a duty of care.

The particular circumstances that lead to a personal injury generally do not change the litigation process much—legal negligence can lead to car wrecks, mistakes during medical procedures, accidents on private property, and defects in consumer products, among many other types of incidents. However, proving that all the core elements of negligence apply to a particular situation can often be very challenging, especially for unrepresented plaintiffs.

Assistance from a Maryland Jewish personal injury attorney like Seth Price could be crucial to effectively showing that a defendant had a responsibility to act reasonably around someone else, failed to fulfill that responsibility, and directly caused that other person to suffer compensable losses as a result. They could also make sure that a plaintiff’s settlement demand or lawsuit accounts for all recoverable damages, from economic losses like medical bills and lost income to non-economic forms of harm like physical and emotional suffering.

How Does State Law Regulate Civil Recovery?

Aside from the help they could provide with demonstrating negligence, another reason it can be so important to retain an experienced Jewish lawyer when pursuing a personal injury claim in Maryland is the number of additional rules and restrictions that state law imposes on these types of cases. For example, Maryland is one of the only states in America that still follows a “pure contributory negligence system,” which means that a plaintiff who is found at all at fault for their own accident or injuries is ineligible to recover any civil restitution whatsoever.

Additionally, MD Code, C&JP §11-108 establishes “damage caps” on the amount of compensation civil plaintiffs may recover for non-economic damages, which for cases not involving medical malpractice is $890,000 as of 2021.

Deadline to File a Claim

Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §5-101 sets a general deadline on three years on cases seeking compensation for personal injury, meaning that those who have been injured in an accident have three years at most following the discovery of their damages to take legal action.

Speak with a Maryland Jewish Personal Injury Attorney Today

Personal injury claims may seem straightforward on the surface, but successfully proving someone else at fault for an accident can take extensive evidence compiled into a comprehensive and effectively presented case. While you have the right to do all that work yourself, you are almost always better off seeking help from Seth Price to help you make the most of your claim.

A compassionate Maryland Jewish personal injury lawyer could review your circumstances and discuss potential legal options with you during a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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