Patient Rights in a Washington DC Nursing Home

Ideally, a nursing home will provide skilled nursing care to their residents while allowing them to live in peace and comfort. However, it is a sad truth that many facilities fail in this goal.

Many people do not realize that this goal is not just an idealized version of proper nursing home care. It is in fact a legal obligation created by Washington DC law.

All residents in nursing homes have rights. This patient bill of rights in a Washington DC nursing home can form the core of any complaints of abuse and may even lead to allegations in civil lawsuits for damages. For more information about patient rights in a Washington DC nursing home and how an attorney could help a victim recover compensation, call a seasoned lawyer today.

Protecting the Physical Health of Residents

The main goal of any nursing home is to protect the physical health of their patients. People enter nursing homes because they require around the clock skilled nursing care. In addition, many can no longer perform their daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating without help.

The patient bill of rights states that nursing homes must:

  • Provide competent care to their residents
  • Apply medications in a timely and effective manner
  • Provide help for day-to-day grooming and bathing activities
  • Give residents a say in their care plans
  • Provide transportation to a doctor or hospital when needed

Failures to adhere to these obligations could result in serious physical injuries. An attorney could help residents in nursing homes to examine their rights in Washington DC and to pursue lawsuits when an injury does occur.

Providing Emotional and Mental Support

While physical health is a large portion of the role of a nursing home, no less important is ensuring that their residents are emotionally stable. Failing to allow a patient to socialize with other residents, to talk with their family, and to participate in group activities could devastate a patient’s mindset.

Residents also have an absolute right to have a say in how their day-to-day schedule is determined. This includes activity periods, when they can eat, and when they can have visitors.

The Right to Control One’s Life

An often-overlooked portion of a resident’s life in a nursing home is the extent to which these people need to retain control over their finances. The patient rights in Washington DC state that all residents must have a say in how their finances are handled. In addition, the nursing home must provide statements on how their money is being spent and residents can explore their finances at any time.

Finally, many nursing homes have powers of attorney or guardianships on file. Residents can also explore these items at their leisure and have the right to seek financial help or legal counsel if they suspect abuses.

The Bill of Patient Rights in Washington DC’s Nursing Homes is Comprehensive

The District’s bill of rights protects every resident or patient in a Washington DC nursing home. This document outlines the various statutes and laws that govern how a nursing home must run their business and what protections a resident can expect.

This includes the right to receive competent physical care, to receive appropriate mental stimulation, and the right to retain control over their finances. Any failure to follow these rules could lead to an investigation by the Board of Health or a private lawsuit demanding compensation. Contact an attorney today to learn more about patient rights in a Washington DC nursing home.