DC Nursing Home Disfigurement Lawyer

Most injuries that occur in Washington DC nursing homes are temporary matters. Even though the incident itself may be traumatic and it may take many months to heal, the victim eventually returns to full health.

However, other incidents may leave a resident with a permanent disfigurement. This may result from an accidental injury or even incidents involving an intentional attack. Injuries that include burns, bedsores, or even infections could result in permanent scarring.

A Washington DC nursing home disfigurement lawyer could help victims to investigate the facts behind their injury, to place blame on the correct defendants, and to demand appropriate compensation for their disfigurement. Reach out to a compassionate nursing home abuse attorney today.

Common Ways that Serious Injuries Occur in Nursing Homes

Injuries that result from poor care are unfortunately common in Washington DC’s nursing homes. These can be the result of both accidents and intentional abuse.

Plaintiffs injured due to accidents can pursue cases using the legal theory of negligence. This is because nursing homes have an absolute duty to protect their residents from accidental harm. This can include harms caused by slips and falls, improper or indifferent staff care, or even medication errors.

Injuries that result in permanent harm could also be the end result of intentional abuse. Nursing homes are notorious for hiring staff members who have a history of violence or taking advantage of others. A nursing home may share liability if a staff member commits a physical crime against a resident.

No matter a plaintiff’s theory of a case, they must be sure to pursue their case on time. DC Code §12-301 states that all cases alleging personal injury must be in court no more than three years from the date of the injury. A Washington DC nursing home disfigurement lawyer could help victims to choose a cause of action that meets their needs and to pursue the case on time.

Disfigurement and the Legal Consequences

Permanent disfigurement could happen after almost any injury. Something as simple as a fall to the ground could cause severe cuts and bruising that may leave a victim with scarring. Other examples of permanent disfiguring injuries include:

  • Severely broken bones
  • Burn injuries
  • Infections that affect the skin or circulation
  • Severe bed sores that may never fully heal

Any personal injury case that results in a permanent injury must account for not just past injuries but also for any future pain or suffering. This can include future medical bills, compensation for mental anguish, and also payments for any permanent physical changes to a person’s appearance.

These damages can be difficult to calculate. A nursing home disfigurement attorney in Washington DC could help individuals to get in touch with experts who may be able to estimate future losses due to disfigurement.

How a DC Nursing Home Disfigurement Attorney Could Help

Any personal injury suffered by a resident in a Washington DC nursing home is a serious matter. However, most injuries will eventually heal no matter how traumatizing they are at the time. Still, there are some injuries that will lead to permanent disfigurement. These injuries can include severe broken bones, deep cuts, burns, and infections.

Anytime a nursing home is responsible for an injury they have an obligation to provide compensation. This can include the costs of any medical treatment to date but also payments for any future medical care. In addition, a plaintiff can demand payments for any physical deformity that results from the incident. Contact a Washington DC nursing home disfigurement lawyer today to schedule a consultation.