Washington DC Nursing Home Broken Bones Lawyer

Broken bones are a common result of accidents and abuse in Washington DC nursing homes. Older individuals often suffer from osteoporosis that makes their bones brittle and more vulnerable to fracture when faced with trauma.

Despite this fact, nursing homes are often liable whenever an injury such as a broken bone occurs on their property. Whether this results from an accidental slip and fall, from two residents fighting, or even from intentional staff abuse, an injured resident has the right to demand compensation.

A Washington DC nursing home broken bones lawyer may be able to help. Experienced attorneys work with clients and their families to investigate how the break occurred, to help clients to understand the applicable laws, and to pursue negligent nursing homes for compensation.

Breaks that Occur from Accidents

All nursing homes in Washington DC have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their residents. This includes a duty to protect those residents from accidents that may result in an injury.

If a nursing home fails to provide hand railings in bedrooms, restrooms, and hallways, that lack of support may cause a resident to slip and fall. So too could a failure to clean a spill in a dining room or a failure to provide competent aid while bathing.

Injuries that occur as the result of an accident typically result in negligence claims. Negligence cases allow injured plaintiffs to collect compensation even after a mere accident. A Washington DC nursing home broken bones lawyer could help clients to pursue cases based on the legal cause of action known as negligence.

Breaks May also Result from Intentional Acts

It is a sad fact that Washington DC nursing homes can be a hotbed for intentional abuse. These facilities may have a history of hiring neglectful or outright abusive staff members who have a history of physical violence. Because most residents in nursing homes require assistance with their day to day lives, they make an easy target for abusive attackers.

Nursing homes are responsible for whatever happens on their property. As a result, an attack by a staff member, while certainly not perpetuated by the nursing home’s owner, is still the nursing home’s responsibility. A plaintiff may claim that a negligent hiring practice allowed a dangerous person to be employed and to come into contact with a resident.

While an intentional attack on a resident is certainly a criminal offense, a Washington DC criminal court lacks the power to order a defendant to provide compensation to a victim for a physical harm. Instead, a related but separate civil claim must demand these payments. A Washington DC nursing home broken bones lawyer could help clients to pursue these separate civil claims within the time limit of three years provided by DC Code §12-301.

Work with a Washington DC Nursing Home Broken Bones Attorney Today

Broken bones are a leading cause of personal injuries suffered by residents in nursing homes. Whether these injuries result from accidental slips and falls or intentional staff abuse, an injured resident has the right to pursue a claim that holds the nursing home responsible.

A Washington DC nursing home broken bones lawyer could take the lead in pursuing these claims. They work to gather evidence of how the break occurred, to place that evidence within the framework of the law, and to demand appropriate compensation in settlement talks and in court. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.