Washington DC Stroke Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Even with the benefits of modern diagnostic technology and treatment capacities, strokes are still a uniquely dangerous medical condition that has life-changing impacts for thousands of patients every year. Unfortunately, strokes can cause even greater harm if a doctor does not recognize the signs of one early enough and take appropriate and prompt action to stabilize their patient.

If you experienced harm from a stroke that could have been prevented with diligent medical care, you may want to speak with a medical negligence attorney about your legal options. Once retained, an experienced Washington, DC stroke medical malpractice lawyer could explain your options for pursuing financial recovery and work diligently to secure the best possible resolution to your case.

How a Doctor’s Negligence Could Worsen the Impacts of a Stroke

Any time a person’s brain suffers from a loss of localized blood flow, whether from a clotted vessel or an internal “brain bleed,” it can have long-lasting and debilitating repercussions that may even be life-threatening in some situations. Because of this, it is crucial for qualified medical personnel to not only know how to treat strokes effectively, but also how to spot early symptoms and warning signs of stroke so they can provide more effective preventative care.

There are various ways in which a medical professional could fail to live up to this standard of care and, in doing so, cause someone to suffer avoidable harm from a stroke. For example, a qualified and experienced doctor should know that problems like persistent headache, loss of vision in one or both eyes, localized paralysis in the limbs, and difficulty speaking and/or walking may indicate that someone is experiencing a stroke, especially if they also have high-risk factors like obesity or high blood pressure.

A doctor who negligently ignores or fails to identify these early warning signs—or who makes a mistake while actively treating a stroke that directly leads to a poor medical outcome—could bear civil liability for harm that their patient suffers because of this misconduct. A seasoned Washington, DC stroke medical malpractice attorney could review a particular patient’s circumstances in a confidential setting and help determine whether they might have grounds for litigation.

Special Rules for Malpractice Litigation in Washington, DC

Under District of Columbia Code §12-301, anyone who wants to file suit over medical negligence leading to a stroke or worsening the effects of one generally has a maximum of three years after their cause of action accrues in which to start the litigation process. The effective start date for this filing period is usually the date on which the relevant act of malpractice actually occurred, although there are exceptions to this rule in certain situations that a stroke medical malpractice lawyer in Washington, DC could explain in further detail.

Additionally, prospective claimants must notify their prospective defendant(s) of their intentions at least 90 days prior to actually filing their complaint, in accordance with D.C. Code §16-2802. It is worth noting, though, that D.C. Code §16-2803 allows a maximum 90-day extension of the applicable statutory filing deadline for such a claim if complying with the aforementioned notice requirement would force a claimant to file suit after the statute of limitations expires.

Talk to a Washington, DC Stroke Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Even with prompt and diligent medical treatment, strokes can have devastating consequences for anyone who experiences one. In light of that, negligence by a healthcare provider caring for someone who is experiencing or has already experienced a stroke can result in exponentially greater harm compared to the result that appropriate care could have produced.

A Washington, DC stroke medical malpractice lawyer could be a crucial ally to have if you suffered avoidable harm because a medical professional did not handle your stroke properly. Call today to learn more.