Children’s National Medical Center Malpractice in DC

Children’s National Medical Center is the only hospital in the Washington D.C. area focused exclusively on providing pediatric care. Once called DC Children’s Hospital, Children’s National Medical Center is ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the country by both the Leapfrog Group and by U.S. News & World Report.

Children’s National Medical Center was founded in 1870, and it shares grounds with other institutions including the National Rehabilitation Hospital, the Washington Hospital Center, and the DC Veterans Medical Affairs Center. It has a variety of different areas of specialization aimed at addressing the unique needs of infant and child patients. Therefore, if your child suffered an injury, contact a DC medical malpractice lawyer today.

Patient Care at DC’s Children National Medical Center

Children’s National Medical Center has a total of 303 beds and provides care to vulnerable infants and children during more than 360,000 patients over the course of the year. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Children’s National Medical Center is one of the most respected in the country and features 54 dedicated Level III C NICU bassinets.

In addition to caring for premature babies and infants who sustain injuries in utero or in birth, Children’s National Medical Center also specializes in neurosurgery, children’s cardiac care, oncology, and orthopaedic surgery. The facility is a research hospital affiliated with the George Washington University School of Medicine, and it is highly ranked by the National Institutes of Health so it receives extensive funding annually in research grants.

Medical Malpractice Claims in DC

Children’s National Medical Center in DC has tremendous responsibility for ensuring the health of the youngest and most vulnerable. Every care provider at the Center has an obligation to provide professional quality treatment commensurate with his or her professional background and level of experience.

Unfortunately, medical care providers may violate patient safety rules even in high-quality institutions. A young life can be cut short or forever changed by a medical error, and Children’s National Medical Center must be held accountable for the negligent acts of its employees. Both care providers and the hospital institution may be responsible for compensating children and their families if they violate patient safety rules, including botching treatment, misdiagnosing children, or diagnosing and treating incorrect conditions.

Determining if medical malpractice has occurred at Children’s National Medical Center can be complicated, especially as much of the care provided is administered to very sick children. Caregivers can try to argue outcomes were unchanged by errors they made, and parents and children will need a strong legal advocate on their side to help prove that medical negligence was the cause of compensable harm.

Get the Help of a DC Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When a child sustains injuries, parents may need to pay for lifetime medical care and ongoing support for their son or daughter. Sometimes, the damage done to a child as a result of medical negligence means a child will never work. Families can be torn apart by the emotional and financial strains of caring for a child after medical malpractice.

It is very important for victims to get the money they need for ongoing medical care, and to avoid financial stress at a very sad time. A DC medical malpractice attorney can help those who have been harmed to pursue a case for full and fair compensation from Children’s National Medical Center. Call today to learn more.