DC Colonoscopy Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Preparing for and undergoing a colonoscopy is not necessarily a pleasant experience, but it is necessary in order to diagnose serious – and potentially fatal – conditions and diseases of the colon.

It can be devastating to learn that you have colon cancer or another colon disease. But, having your physician fail to order a necessary colonoscopy – or fail to notice a polyp, tumor, or other indicator of a serious colon disease during the procedure – is far worse. Their inability to properly diagnosis can be deemed medical malpractice. If you are dealing with colon cancer or disease after a misdiagnosis, a colonoscopy misdiagnosis lawyer in DC can fight to protect your rights.

Prompt Diagnosis Means Prompt Treatment

The earlier a disease of the colon is diagnosed properly, the better – whether it be colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, fecal impaction, precancerous polyps, or any other disease of the large bowel.

While some colon conditions are more serious than others, a delay in diagnosis can cause significant problems, from unnecessary medical bills and surgeries to progression of the disease and even death.

Having a colonoscopy conducted as soon as a patient notices symptoms can mean the difference in discovering a disease in an early stage, when it is still treatable, or a later stage, when the prognosis is not optimistic.

How a DC Colonoscopy Misdiagnosis Lawyer Can Help

If you have been the victim of a colonoscopy misdiagnosis , or if your loved one died as the result of negligent conduct by a medical professional, one of our firm’s experienced DC colonoscopy misdiagnosis lawyers can help you determine whether you may have a valid claim against the responsible party.

While pursuing the compensation you are owed cannot restore your health or bring back a loved one, it can ease the burden of mounting medical bills and lost wages during a difficult time, and  hold the responsible party accountable for harmful conduct.

Standard of Care Duty

All physicians, including gastroenterologists, have a duty to act in accordance with a standard of care that is considered reasonable in the medical community. While no doctor can be expected to settle on a diagnosis that is unsupported by symptoms, he or she should still conduct necessary testing when a patient presents with any signs of colon cancer or disease.

Falling into a low risk category – for instance, being younger than 50 or not having a family history of colon disease – should not preclude a doctor from performing a colonoscopy when symptoms are present.

If your physician failed to order or perform a necessary colonoscopy and you have suffered poor health and increased medical bills as a result, he or she may be responsible for compensating you for the damages you incurred.

You may also have a valid claim against your gastroenterologist if he or she performed a colonoscopy and failed to notice signs of disease in the colon. Your colonoscopy misdiagnosis attorney in DC will be able to obtain and examine your medical records in order to advise on the specifics of your individual situation.