Virginia Nursing Home Fall Injuries

Many of the residents of nursing homes are elderly patients with serious health risks, and for them falling may be one of the most significant causes of injury. In some very tragic instances, injuries sustained from falls in Virginia nursing homes may even result in death.

Though not all fall injuries are necessarily the result of the negligence of nursing home staff, it is their responsibility to remove dangers from the environment, exercise care when moving or lifting residents, and adhere to the best medical practices. This means that some cases of Virginia nursing home fall injuries may be grounds for a lawsuit for negligence. If you or a loved one receive an injury from a fall in a nursing home, get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case.

Common Injuries in Fall Accidents

Fall injuries can result in broken bones, bruising, and internal bleeding, all of which can be very serious or life-threatening for elderly residents of Virginia nursing homes. In addition to these injuries, falls that involve impact on the head can result in traumatic brain injuries such as concussions or fractured skulls.

Even when falls appear to have left only superficial injuries like scrapes and minor bruises, they can be serious for elderly residents. Not only is this because of the frail state of many elderly residents’ health, but some may take certain medications that thin their blood, resulting in injuries that continue to bleed much longer than usual.

Whenever a fall has occurred, the first step should be to administer any medical treatment that is necessary to return the victim to full health. However, family members also should seek the advice of an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney who can discuss their legal options with them.

Reasons for Fall Injuries in Virginia Nursing Homes

In slip and fall cases that occur on other types of property, common causes are often water spills or other hazards left in walking areas. While this can be true in Virginia nursing homes, there are special causes that are unique to that environment. Some causes of Virginia nursing home fall injuries include:

  • Staff failing to exercise proper care when moving residents
  • Understaffing that leaves attendants with little manpower to move residents
  • Inattention to especially vulnerable residents
  • Failure of staff to respond to residents’ calls for help
  • Inadvertent mixing of medications

In these circumstances, it may be found that the nursing home did not provide the injured person with the proper level of care. With help from a skilled Virginia personal injury lawyer, victims and their family members may be able to recover compensation from the nursing home for the damages they suffer as a result of this negligence.

Speak with an Attorney Today About Virginia Nursing Home Fall Injuries

If you or your loved one experience a fall in a Virginia nursing home and are injured, contact a Virginia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With their help, you can work toward recovering compensation for your damages, including:

  • Medical bills resulting from the injury
  • Funeral expenses (in the case of fatal injuries)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of a loved one (in the case of fatal injuries)

Experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys may be able to help you find and preserve evidence that shows that the injuries are the result of the negligence of nursing home staff. Rather than trying to represent yourself, team up with someone who operates within the legal system on a regular basis to afford yourself the best chance at recovering for your damages.