Virginia Nursing Home Emotional Abuse Lawyer

When most people think of abuse, they immediately think of physical abuse. This is understandable, but in reality, there are millions of people suffering emotional abuse at the hands of others around the country. Many of these victims are nursing home residents who feel they have no choice but to tolerate such behavior from others.

Nursing homes have an active role to play when it comes to preventing emotional abuse. Sadly, many nursing homes hire abusive staff and some may even admit residents who are likely to emotionally abuse other residents. These are unsafe practices no nursing home should engage in.

If you have been emotionally abused in a nursing home, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your ordeal. A Virginia nursing home emotional abuse lawyer may be able to help you learn more.

What is Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse comes in a variety of forms, but it almost always leaves a lasting psychological imprint on victims. In many cases, its effects can be just as serious as physical abuse, and like physical abuse, it is often used to control, manipulate, and frighten victims. Emotional abuse is often a precursor to physical or sexual violence, and it can be hard to spot.

In nursing homes, emotional abuse often takes the following forms:

  • Cursing at, insulting, or purposely humiliating a patient
  • Intentionally isolating a patient from others
  • Blackmailing or extorting a patient
  • Threatening patients with acts of physical violence
  • Lying to or manipulating the emotions of a patient for personal gain

Emotional abusers almost always attempt to make their victims feel isolated and unimportant. They may even attempt to disguise their abuse as humor or general observations. However, no matter how it is framed, emotional abuse is never acceptable.

Unfortunately, most nursing home patients suffering emotional abuse will never come forward with their stories. They may feel embarrassed to confide in a loved one, and many are afraid their abuser will retaliate.

How Can Nursing Homes Stop Emotional Abuse?

In nursing homes, caregivers are usually the primary perpetrators of emotional abuse, but in some cases, the abuser may be another patient, medical provider, or outside contractor. These individuals strive to control their victims, and they often go to great lengths to cover up any signs of abuse.

Nursing homes have an obligation to prevent emotional abuse by adequately screening and supervising employees. Employees with a history of physically, sexually, or emotionally abusing others should never be hired, and employees who are cited for abuse should be terminated or properly disciplined to prevent future episodes.

If a nursing home knowingly hires an abuser or creates an environment in which emotional abuse thrives, they may be held liable by a Virginia nursing home emotional abuse lawyer.

Effects of Emotional Abuse

Frequent emotional abuse can take a serious toll on patients. Many abused individuals suffer from depression and anxiety, and many may experience a worsening of their physical condition. Emotional withdrawal, loss of appetite, loss of self-worth, and self-imposed isolation are common signs of emotional abuse in nursing home patients.

Talk to a Virginia Nursing Home Emotional Abuse Attorney Today

If you or someone you care about has been emotionally abused in a nursing home, you may have a variety of legal options at your disposal. Emotional abuse is never acceptable, especially when it comes from a person who is supposed to provide care and comfort.

Abuse can leave a lasting effect on your life and relationships, and if you were abused, you may be entitled to compensation for your psychological turmoil. Talk to a Virginia nursing home emotional abuse lawyer about your ordeal today.