Paraquat Lawyer

For years, Paraquat has been used in the United States as an industrial-grade weed killer, particularly for tough plants that are resistant to other types of herbicides. However, this product is also currently banned in 32 countries, and for good reason: it is extremely toxic when ingested, and exposure through inhalation over time is linked to a number of chronic health conditions, most notably including Parkinson’s disease.

If you believe your Parkinson’s diagnosis is connected to exposure to this herbicide through your job or any other means, you may want to discuss options for legal action with an experienced Paraquat lawyer. The manufacturer of the specific product you were exposed to may bear civil liability for your ensuing losses, and a knowledgeable mass torts attorney could work on your behalf to maximize available restitution.

The Dangers Associated with Paraquat

Although it is still legal to use in the United States, various federal laws and regulations have limited how it can be used and established additional requirements for how it must be labeled and produced. For example, Paraquat produced domestically must include have a strong odor, contain an agent that induces vomiting if consumed, and be dyed a blue color to ensure no one mistakes it for a consumable drink. Furthermore, the EPA has recently recommended the prohibition of aerial Paraquat application and backpack spray applicators, among other things meant to prevent Paraquat from spreading outside its intended area and harming humans.

In the meantime, though, direct exposure to even small amounts of Paraquat is very often fatal, whether that exposure occurs through inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact. On top of that, teenagers and young adults exposed to Paraquat have between a 200 and 600 percent greater chance of developing Parkinson’s disease when they are older compared to people not exposed to this product. As a Paraquat attorney could further explain, Paraquat works essentially by robbing cells of oxygen, which can have permanent and possibly life-threatening effects when it occurs in human cells.

What Could Civil Recovery Help With?

Unfortunately, no amount of money can fully make up for the permanent and debilitating harm that Paraquat exposure can cause. That being said, a successful settlement could provide substantial assistance with newfound medical expenses, as well as losses of income and/or earning capacity. In addition, it is often possible to demand restitution through a case like this for non-economic harm as well, including physical pain, emotional trauma, lost personal opportunities, and lost enjoyment of life.

On top of that, working with a compassionate lawyer to achieve a comprehensive Paraquat settlement may be the best way of holding irresponsible manufacturers meaningfully responsible for their poor treatment of American consumers. Finally, every new piece of litigation filed over Paraquat exposure ensures more people will become aware of this chemical’s dangers, hopefully resulting in fewer lives being changed forever due to improper usage of this substance.

Contact a Dedicated Paraquat Attorney Today

Despite a bevy of restrictions on its use at both the national and international levels, U.S.-based farmers and corporations still spray millions of pounds of Paraquat on crops every year. Unfortunately, this means many Americans continue to suffer life-altering and possibly life-threatening consequences due to irresponsible and excessive use of this immensely hazardous material.

A Paraquat lawyer could potentially help you seek a comprehensive settlement for every form of harm you experienced due to short-term or long-term Paraquat exposure. Learn more by calling today.