Silica Exposure Lawyer

One of the most dangerous threats facing countless workers and tradespeople throughout the United States is exposure to silica powder. While silica is a common substance, inhaling it in powdered form is potentially lethal.

Unfortunately, this type of exposure is common among workers—particularly at construction sites. As a result, many people exposed to silica develop what is known as “sandblasting disease.” If you are living with the side effects of silica exposure, let a skilled mass tort attorney help you protect your rights. You could benefit from discussing your situation with a silica exposure lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Silicosis?

Silicosis is the name of the condition that can result from inhaling silica in powdered form. It has a range of informal names, including sandblasting disease, dust consumption, and rock tuberculosis. This condition occurs due to the damage that powdered silica does to the lungs when it is inhaled. Specifically, these particles can cause scar tissue and nodules within the lungs.

This condition is nothing new. The first documented cases of silicosis were found in the year 1700 among Italian stone cutters. However, exposure to silica dust remains a major health risk in modern times as well.

There are three different degrees of silicosis, and each of these types develops in different ways. Chronic silicosis occurs due to decades of low-level exposure to silica dust, while accelerated silicosis stems from very high levels of exposure over a short period of time. In between them is acute silicosis, which results from high levels of exposure over the course of about 10 years. Each of these conditions typically starts with a cough but eventually develops into severe symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Low oxygen levels
  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe weight loss
  • Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Difficulty breathing

A silica exposure attorney could help a person suffering from silicosis pursue all types of available compensation.

Types of Legal Claims Related to Silica Exposure

There are two ways a lawyer could pursue a silica exposure lawsuit. The legal theory they use will depend on how the plaintiff was exposed to silica dust. While some people exposed to silica can pursue a negligence theory, others will rely on a product liability theory.


It is possible to pursue a negligence lawsuit related to silica exposure when a liable party fails to take ordinary, reasonable steps to protect someone else from exposure to silica dust.

This type of legal claim is common when employers or building owners fail to take reasonable steps to secure a job site or construction area. This could include failing to provide workers with necessary masks or other tools to avoid inhaling the dust.

Product Liability

It is also possible to pursue a claim based on a theory of product liability. In these cases, a plaintiff initiates a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a product containing silica. In these cases, the plaintiff usually alleges that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate instructions for safe usage or failed to provide a warning about health side effects.

Contact a Silica Exposure Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you have been exposed to silica dust, you could be living with the consequences of silicosis. In many situations, this exposure could have been avoided if not for the negligence of another party. A silica exposure lawyer could help you hold that negligent party accountable for their actions. Contact us today to learn more about how to properly compensate for your losses.