JUUL Lawsuit Lawyer

Between 2011 and 2016, the use of e-cigarettes—primarily those manufactured and marketed under the brand name “JUUL”—skyrocketed in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people either switched from smoking traditional cigarettes or began smoking actively using these electronic devices, thanks in large part to extensive marketing efforts by manufacturers to portray them as “safer” than traditional tobacco products.

However, what most of those customers did not know is that JUUL devices are just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes in many respects and uniquely hazardous in others, leading to many of them developing severe health problems. If you sustained chronic damage to your health because of JUUL usage, a JUUL lawsuit lawyer could possibly help you pursue civil compensation from the manufacturer who did not warn you of the dangers associated with their product.

The Potential Risks of “JUULing”

Because the “pods” that JUULs use do not contain tobacco, they were erroneously thought of—and often actively advertised—as substantially less dangerous than other smoking products. However, each JUUL pod still contains approximately 0.7 mL of nicotine, roughly equivalent to the amount of nicotine in an entire pack of cigarettes, as well as benzoic acid, a glycerol and propylene glycol mixture, and various flavoring agents. In other words, JUULs are just as addictive as traditional cigarettes, if not more so.

To make matters worse, JUULs are especially popular among young people in the 18 to 24 age bracket and even among teenagers, despite laws prohibiting minors from purchasing e-cigarette devices or pods. Many JUUL users were not smokers before they started using e-cigarettes, and many continue to use e-cigarettes on a more and more regular basis due to the immensely addictive properties of the nicotine these products provide.

In JUUL users of all ages, consistent use of the device also presents a heightened risk of developing bronchiolitis obliterans, colloquially known as “popcorn lung,” not to mention numerous other potential conditions that have yet to be fully studied. Suffice it to say, JUULs are not anywhere near as safe as their manufacturers want consumers to believe, and consumers who suffered harm as a result of being misled like this may have cause for a civil lawsuit that a skilled attorney could help them pursue.

How JUUL Manufacturers Could Be Liable for Damages

When pressed for a comment on the number of young people using their product, JUUL Labs, Inc. has claimed that Juuls are meant solely for adult smokers looking for a less overtly dangerous alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, this excuse rings pretty hollow in light of the various fruit, mint, and other flavors available in JUUL pods, as well as the youth-friendly and social-media-focused marketing strategies that this manufacturer has deliberately employed in the past.

Regardless of their intent, it is a fact that JUUL Labs, Inc. has failed to prominently and clearly inform consumers about the dangers associated with their product, and that fact may open them up to civil liability for the harm that addiction and JUUL-related health conditions have had on consumers. A JUUL lawsuit lawyer could discuss on a case-by-case basis what type of legal action might be possible and what damages could potentially be recoverable.

Speak with a JUUL Lawsuit Attorney Today

Despite a great deal of advertising that strongly implies otherwise, JUULing is not a substantially safer choice than smoking tobacco is, nor is it something that should be portrayed to young people as largely harmless to their health. If you or your child suffered serious physical harm because of how JUUL Labs, Inc. has misled you, discussing your legal options with knowledgeable legal counsel should be a priority.

With a JUUL lawsuit lawyer’s help, you could possibly hold this manufacturer financially accountable for their failure to inform you about their product’s risks. Call today to learn more.