Defective Ear Protection Leaves Veterans Disabled

A corporation allegedly sold protective gear to the United States military while knowing that its product was not safe. 3M, a Minnesota based corporation, held the exclusive contract for earplugs used by soldiers from 2003 to 2012. These earplugs are meant to protect military men and women from the harmful sounds around them. Without functioning protective gear, more than 800,000 current and former military members now suffer from hearing damage and tinnitus.

The men and women of our nation’s military deserve equipment that works. When a large corporation fails to disclose they their product is unsafe, the experienced and tenacious lawyers at Price Benowitz LLP are here to make sure each person receives the compensation they deserve.

3M has refused to admit their responsibility even after agreeing to settle with the Department of Justice for $9.1 million dollars last year. 3M has hired Kirkland & Ellis, a law firm with almost 2,000 attorneys to represent them in the litigation battle to follow. Price Benowitz LLP has represented thousands of injured persons to make sure that justice is served on those responsible, have their interests represented, contact the experienced law firm of Price Benowitz LLP.