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Even while facing a number of lawsuits filed by women using the birth control pill Yaz, Bayer began manufacturing an allegedly new form of hormonal birth control pill called Beyaz. Deemed to be “beyond Yaz” by the pharmaceutical giant, the medication turned out to be little more than repackaged Yaz.

Many women who took Yaz experienced several medical complications including blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, and stroke, while women who were also prescribed Beyaz reported suffering identical side effects. If you have suffered any of these side-effects due to this medication, you should seek the services of an experienced mass torts attorney.

The Dangers of Drospirenone

In 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement informing the public that the ingredient drospirenone increases a person’s risk of deep vein thrombosis. Attributed to the occurrence of blood clots, the dangerous ingredient can be found in the formulas of both Yaz and Beyaz. Symptoms that a woman may be suffering from blood clots can include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Swelling in one or both legs
  • Pain or tenderness while walking or standing
  • A warm sensation in the affected leg or legs
  • A red or discolored appearance
  • An increased ability to easily see the leg’s veins
  • Fatigue of the leg

Although these symptoms are commonly known to be related to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), about 50 percent of people suffering from this condition do not have any symptoms. Furthermore, as with other drugs that contain drospirenone, Beyaz can also cause heart attacks and strokes that may result in death.

The Possibility of Pulmonary Embolism

A pulmonary embolism is a complication that may begin as DVT. When people are suffering from pulmonary embolism, they have one or more clots in the arteries within their lungs. These clots begin in other parts of the body, with a common starting location being the legs. This means that a pulmonary embolism can arise in women that have DVT due to Beyaz.

Pulmonary embolism causes difficulty in breathing. They will have shortness of breath, even if they are sitting. They may feel pain in their chest that is not relieved when they lie down, stand up or sit. If they are exerting themselves, the condition may worsen, but easing their activity level doesn’t decrease the pain. Those who develop a cough may notice blood in their phlegm.

Because pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening condition, those experiencing the symptoms listed above should immediately consult a medical professional.

Internal Bleeding

Beyaz is also believed to cause internal bleeding. Common symptoms of internal bleeding include swollen abdomens and chest pain. If the woman is in sock from the internal bleeding, she may experience dizziness, low blood pressure, confusion, rapid heartbeat, weakness and difficulty breathing. Blood may be released when the affected person urinates, defecates or vomits. It may also be discharged through the vaginal area; however, the amount of blood will be much greater than the normal amount experienced during a woman’s typical monthly menstrual period.

How a Beyaz Lawyer Can Help

Those who have taken Beyaz and suffered from any of the above complications may be entitled to monetary compensation. It is important to remember that you must have taken the name brand medication, not a generic equivalent, in order to have a potentially successful claim. Several plaintiffs have already filed lawsuits for injuries due to Yaz, and the same is expected to happen with Beyaz. Women who took Beyaz and suffered any of the aforementioned complications may be entitled to receive the following remuneration:

  • Reimbursement for medical bills
  • Payment of any future medical expenses or rehabilitation
  • Monetary compensation for pain and suffering
  • Payment for lost wages
  • A sum of money for future loss of income
  • Monetary compensation for permanent disability
  • In some cases, punitive damages

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