Virginia Social Worker License Defense Lawyer

Social workers in Virginia are dedicated to advocating for the most overlooked people in our society. It is a noble effort and is often rewarding for anyone involved. However, when a social worker receives a formal complaint or notice of a disciplinary proceeding against them, they may need an advocate of their own. A dedicated professional license defense attorney could serve as that advocate.

If you are facing the potential suspension or revocation of your social worker’s license, your career could be in jeopardy. The good news is that it is possible to fight back in these situations. A Virginia social worker license defense lawyer could serve as your advocate while guiding you through the disciplinary process.

Social Worker Discipline in Virginia

The Virginia Board of Social Work regulates the professional licensing of social workers in the Commonwealth. The Board, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health Services Enforcement Division, is also empowered to handle discipline for social workers accused of violating the law or professional guidelines.

Many of the complaints raised against social workers lack merit. That does not mean it is a good idea not to take them seriously. An adverse result in the disciplinary process could mean the end of a social worker’s career in some cases. A Virginia defense attorney could help a social worker protect their license throughout the disciplinary process.

Your Rights at a Formal Hearing

If the Board considers the allegations against a social worker to be plausible, they could require a formal hearing to determine whether or not discipline is necessary. This hearing could represent a social worker’s best – and last – opportunity to advocate for their innocence. Thankfully, a person facing a formal hearing has several rights that could ensure they are treated fairly.

At a formal hearing, the accused has the right to call witnesses to speak on their behalf. These hearings are held in public, and there are no limitations on whom an accused social worker can bring. That said, the chair of the committee or subcommittee overseeing the hearing is empowered to limit testimony to relevant matters. The chair may also limit testimony that is circular or repetitive.

A social worker facing a formal hearing also has the right to put on other evidence. The Enforcement Division will provide the subcommittee with a written report regarding the allegations against the accused. In response, a social worker is entitled to provide their own documentary evidence. That said, there are strict rules regarding the time in which these documents must be presented. Failing to do so could result in the committee not considering the evidence.

Out of all the rights available at a hearing, none are as important as the right to counsel. These hearings are not as formal a criminal trial, but technical mistakes regarding some of the evidentiary rules could result in the committee not getting the whole story. A Virginia attorney could help put forth the strongest defense possible for a social worker’s license.

Reach out to a Virginia Social Worker License Defense Attorney

Whether you feel the allegations against you are serious or not, you could come to regret not treating them as a threat to your livelihood. By putting forth a vigorous defense, you could put yourself in the best position to avoid any adverse disciplinary outcome.

A Virginia social worker license defense lawyer could carefully review your case and advise you on how best to proceed. Schedule a case evaluation right away to learn more.