Virginia Chiropractic/Massage Therapy License Defense Lawyer

It takes years for Chiropractors and massage therapists in Virginia to master their crafts. Each of these professions requires significant skill and practice, and each relies on a strong understanding of the human body. A single complaint could put their professional license – and their career – in jeopardy.

Thankfully, a skilled attorney could help a chiropractor or massage therapy during this difficult time. Experienced legal counsel could be of immense benefit to a chiropractor or massage therapist facing a potential suspension or revocation of their license. If you find yourself in this position, it could benefit you to discuss your case with a Virginia chiropractic/massage therapy license defense lawyer.

Chiropractic License Defense

The licensing regarding chiropractors in Virginia is overseen by the Virginia Board of Medicine in accordance with the requirements of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. However, complaints regarding licensed chiropractors are received by the Enforcement Division of the Department of Health Professions. These complaints could come from anyone including:

  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Facility owners
  • The courts
  • The media
  • Anonymous tips

The Enforcement Division is tasked with investigating every complaint and seeking more information when necessary. Once the Enforcement Division has collected all of the data it can, it will forward the complaint and supporting information to the Medical Regulatory Board. If the regulatory board determines there is enough information to proceed, they will take up the claim.

Following their review, there are three possible outcomes. The first is to determine if there is insufficient evidence of a crime and to close the file. The second is to reach a consent agreement with the chiropractor. This option is available for minor infractions and allows the chiropractor to avoid a public finding of misconduct. Finally, a case could also result in a consent order. This is like a consent agreement, except that the ultimate decision is published. If the two sides cannot come to an agreement, the chiropractor is entitled to a hearing. Following the hearing, the medical regulator board could take the following actions:

  • Formal reprimand
  • Fine
  • Dismissal of the case
  • Impose conditions on the right to practice
  • License suspension or revocation

Massage Therapy License Defense

The disciplinary process for massage therapists is essentially the same. While the state investigates allegations against massage therapists in the same manner, the major difference is that a different regulatory board will take up the investigation. Instead of the Medical Regulatory Board, massage therapists answer to the Nursing Regulatory Board. Outside of that difference, the process and the potential outcomes are the same.

Rights During the Discipline Process

The potential for the loss of a Virginia chiropractic or massage therapy license is real without the help of a skilled defense lawyer. While the Commonwealth may not advise a person of their rights, anyone facing these disciplinary hearings is entitled to hire legal counsel. A Virginia attorney could serve as a powerful advocate for anyone at risk of losing their chiropractic or massage therapy license.

Contact a Virginia Chiropractic/Massage Therapy License Defense Attorney

If you are facing discipline as a chiropractor or massage therapist in Virginia, it is crucial that you take the threat to your livelihood seriously. Even if you are not ultimately suspended, even a formal warning could have a major impact on your career or personal life.

You do not have to face these disciplinary proceedings on your own. Call a Virginia chiropractic/massage therapy license defense lawyer right away.