DC Truck Accidents Involving Icy Roads

DC roads are very susceptible to the effects of bad weather. If it is cold and wet, ice or snow may develop, causing the roads to be dangerous for drivers and especially for truck drivers. Trucks are more difficult to operate in poor weather because of their size and weight. This can cause issues with controlling the truck, especially when it comes to stopping. DC truck accidents involving icy roads can result in serious injuries and damages. If you have been injured in a truck accident while driving on icy roads, contact a seasoned truck accident attorney today. 

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in Harsh Weather Conditions

Whenever a person is involved in a truck accident triggered by severe weather conditions, they should first make sure that they are alright and so is everyone else who was involved in the crash. Then, the individual should call 9-1-1 to alert the police and get an ambulance to the scene. If the person is able, they should take photos of the accident scene to show the damaged vehicles and the weather conditions. They should then talk to any witnesses and obtain their information. Finally, the person should contact a skilled personal injury lawyer who has handled DC truck accidents involving icy roads cases. 

Assigning Fault 

Dangerous weather can impact the assignment of fault in a truck collision. If there is poor weather and it is a one-car wreck, the person needs to prove that the weather or the condition of the road was what triggered the crash rather than the driver. In every accident, an attorney will look into what was the root cause of the wreck. If there were unsafe conditions on the road that were preventable, such as a depression that allowed ice to accumulate, then they could assign liability to the Federal Highway Administration or whoever owns the road. If the collision was caused by the other driver driving too fast in poor weather conditions, then the lawyer could assign negligence on the other party. 

Recoverable Damages

The recoverable damages that may be sought by a person involved in a truck accident involving bad weather are economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include lost wages and medical expenses. Non-economic damages include emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of activities, and pain and suffering. A seasoned attorney could help an injured individual recover truck accident damages

Evidence Used to Prove Weather Conditions Were Cause of Accident

Evidence used to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the truck accident after the condition has subsided include testimony from weather experts. A weather expert could testify how the weather conditions affected the individual’s driving abilities during the time of the accident. Witnesses could also be used as evidence to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the accident. 

Safety Precautions

There are certain steps a person could take to help protect themselves from DC truck accidents involving icy roads. First, the driver should drive safely and cautiously. If they the believe the conditions are too harsh, they should not drive at all. If there is snow, they should make sure they have chains or snow tires on their vehicle. Drivers need to also use their high beams. 

How a Truck Accident Attorney in DC Could Help 

An attorney could help people in DC truck accidents involving icy roads by hiring a weather expert, biomechanical expert, or an accident reconstructionist to help show what the conditions of the roadway were at the time of the collision. A lawyer could work tirelessly to assign fault and get the injured individual the compensation that they deserve.