DC Bad Weather Truck Accident Lawyer

Bad weather and trucking can often be a dangerous and deadly combination. Like any vehicle, a truck is harder to control in poor weather conditions and as such, extra caution must be taken when driving one in such conditions. Even the most skilled truck driver, however, can lose control of his truck in treacherous weather, causing an accident. If you have been hurt or suffered property damage as the result of such an incident, contact a DC bad weather truck accident lawyer.

Dangerous Weather

Bad Weather Track Accident Lawyer in DCThere are many kinds of weather that can make it difficult to safely operate a truck. They include obvious conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, and high winds, but also include conditions one might not think are that dangerous, such as fog, dust, and heat. Heat makes tire blowouts more common (the air inside the tires expands in response to rising temperatures), which can cause a rollover. Heat also can exhaust a drive and make him drowsy and inattentive, thus raising the chances of driver fatigue.  However, truck drivers are trained both to drive safely in inclement weather and to know when conditions deteriorate to the point that they should stop driving for the safety of everyone on the road.

If you believe you have been injured because a truck driver acted recklessly call a DC bad weather truck accident lawyer today.

High Winds

One of the most dangerous weather conditions is high winds. Because large vehicles like trucks are more affected by wind than smaller, lower to the ground vehicles, truck drivers need to be especially cautious on windy days. High winds can cause the trailer portion of a truck to sway, easily leading to loss of control by the driver and usually resulting in a rollover or a jackknife. That is why on especially windy days when the wind reaches speeds over a certain limit, trucks are banned from some highways or bridges. These restrictions are usually noted on electric highway overpass signs.

Driver Stress and Fatigue

Regardless of what the weather condition is, all weather patterns can place stress on a driver. Issues such as driver fatigue and decreased visibility become major issues in bad weather. As a driver strives to maneuver the varying weather conditions, he is still on a tight schedule and may disregard safety measures and engage in dangerous practices, such as speeding. Worries over schedules, money, and job security may distract a driver from driving safely in bad weather, thus leading to more accidents.

Even though truck drivers are obligated to exercise even more cautious driving in bad weather, intense pressure from clients and employers often make them disregard these obligations. Truck drivers often risk their lives and the lives of others to meet market demands and to keep their jobs. Sometimes, even choosing to drive at all is a bad decision, regardless of how carefully one drives his truck once he is out on the road.

Contacting a Bad Weather Truck Accident Attorney in DC

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident in bad weather, please contact a qualified DC bad weather truck accident lawyer. Call our firm today for a free initial consultation and to learn more about the options available to you.