Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

A garbage truck accident lawyer provides help in seeking compensation for crash victims when a garbage truck causes an accident or injuries. Most garbage truck accidents involve the truck colliding with another vehicle, or with a bicycle rider or pedestrian. However, a malfunctioning garbage truck can also cause refuge collection workers to be harmed in other ways as well. An experienced DC truck accident attorney who handles garbage truck accident cases can help all those who have been hurt to understand what their rights are.

How Can a Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Depending on where you live, different companies or departments may be responsible for facilitating the collection of trash from single family homes and from apartment buildings with three or fewer living units. Many of these companies not only perform routine trash collection services, but also collect bulk items by appointment.

In addition to public garbage trucks, there are also private refuge collection companies operating within the city.

After your accident, you must determine the owner/operator of the garbage truck or whether a public agency owned the vehicle and hired the driver. A garbage truck accident lawyer in DC can help you to uncover who was the owner of the truck that harmed you. Making this determination is important because sovereign immunity rules may limit the ability to sue government workers for their occupational work, but it may be possible for you to sue the government agency that employs them under certain circumstances.

In addition to helping you to determine who you can sue, a garbage truck accident lawyer also provides assistance with other aspects of your injury claim. This may include preparing evidence necessary to show a defendant should be held responsible for your harm; as well as negotiating an out-of-court settlement or presenting evidence in a personal injury or wrongful death civil action.

What are Your Rights After a Garbage Truck Accident?

Your rights after a garbage truck accident vary depending upon whether you were operating the truck as your profession or whether you were a third-party injured by the truck.  Those who are employed while injured are not likely able to sue their employer but instead must pursue a claim for work injury benefits. A claim may be pursued regardless of whether negligence was a contributing factor in the injuries; however, benefits in a work injury case may not be as comprehensive as monetary damages for a civil injury lawsuit.  Third party non-employers can sometimes be sued even when a garbage truck injury in DC happened on-the-job.

For those injured by garbage trucks who were not working at the time, you should be entitled to compensation for all monetary and non-economic damages the incident with the garbage truck has caused you to endure. You may receive compensation for these losses by proving the truck driver, truck owner, or other defendant was responsible for your damages.

Get Legal Help Today from a Garbage Truck Crash Attorney

A DC garbage truck accident lawyer can begin helping you put together your case as soon as your injuries occur. If you were harmed or a loved one was killed, call today to speak with an attorney who can help pursue your claim for compensation.