DC Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

Garbage trucks fulfill a vital function in society. Without them, waste would pile up in the streets resulting in a public health hazard and a rather smelly environment. However, garbage trucks can also be dangerous due to their size and the volume of waste that they carry. That is why if you have been involved in a garbage truck accident, you should consult a DC garbage truck accident lawyer. A capable truck accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

When Might Someone Find Themselves in a Waste Truck Accident

Circumstances in which a person might find themselves in an accident with a municipal waste truck is when garbage trucks are stopped on the road sideways, and sometimes without giving warnings. It is also when one of these trucks either runs a red light or hits them in rear. In those instances, it is best to get in touch with a capable DC garbage truck accident lawyer.

Fact Patterns in Garbage Truck Crashes

In D.C., garbage truck accidents have more likelihood of occurring on residential streets, particularly ones with alleys. A lot of the time, garbage trucks pick up the garbage from the alley or from the dumpster and those tend to be on the street.

Accidents with garbage trucks tend to be unique because these trucks often disregard traffic. Accidents occur by hitting parked cars and side swiping parked cars. It also happens after they load their truck and back out of the building into traffic. They hit someone, or they back into traffic and they get hit. Also, they follow too closely, speed, or fail to obey motor signs.

Government Liability in Dump Truck Accidents

When garbage is collected by the city, an injury claim does not always have to be filed against the government. It depends on who owns the garbage truck and who is operating the garbage truck. Typically, the city does not operate the garbage trucks, but if the city owns the garbage truck or it is a Department of Sanitation worker, a person has to file a claim with the city, claiming it is the city. It goes through the District of Columbia.

How Does an Injury Claim Differ When the Truck Was Defective?

The injury claim differs when the injuries were sustained due to the driving of the truck versus when the accident had to do with other mechanical elements of the truck. With a car accident between a garbage truck and a car, it is much like any car accident. It might be a little bit bigger because garbage trucks are heavier, but if the garbage gets dumped on the sidewalk, someone could slip and fall. They could also drop the cargo on someone. For example, if a garbage man drops 20 pounds of cargo on someone’s leg and it breaks their leg, there is no issue to contributory negligence because it is clear what happened.

Another situation might be when the garbage truck sideswipes the car and causes property damage. It may have a little different focus, but it is not always just dropped on the car and it is seen what caused the accident.

Value of a DC Municipal Waste Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a garbage truck crash, contact a DC garbage truck accident lawyer that could help. A knowledgeable attorney can collect information and use that information to build your defense. Speak with a lawyer today and know that you are in good hands.