Truck Accident Causes in DC

There are many reasons truck accidents occur. Some of these reasons are due to human error, but some of them are beyond the control of the truck driver. Whatever the reasons, truck accidents can cause severe injury and even death. However, if you have been the victim of a truck accident in DC, the cause of the accident is very important. Call a DC truck accident attorney to learn more about how the law applies to your case and how the cause of the accident affects your claim.

Driver Fatigue

Truck Accident Causes in DCThe most common cause of trucking accidents is driver fatigue. This occurs when a truck driver is exhausted from driving too long and has not properly rested before driving again. Truckers experience driver fatigue when they are forced or pressured to meet impossible deadlines. Because there is so much money and often job security involved in the delivery and pick-up of loads, drivers will frequently push themselves beyond healthy limits to get the job done. They will sometimes use stimulants and illegal drugs to help combat driver fatigue, leading to disorientation, confusion, and poor judgment.

Inexperienced Drivers

Lack of experience also plays a role. Some drivers simply do not have the experience necessary to navigate safely in nighttime or bad weather conditions. Even the most skilled and experienced driver can be overtaken by dangerous weather patterns or poor visibility at night.

Poor Maintenance

If a truck is maintained poorly, it can cause an accident. Unsafe and old equipment, such as worn brakes, old hitches and straps, and worn out tires can all cause major problems on the road. Tires can blow, brakes can fail, and loads can become unsecured. Many trucking companies and drivers will try to “”cut corners”” by delaying the replacement of these and other parts for as long as possible to save money and meet deadlines more quickly.


Truck Accident Causes in DCBecause the trucking industry is so competitive and money is made based on how much and how fast one can deliver or pick up the goods, many drivers will overload their trucks. This is a problem because overloading a truck can make it tip and cause a rollover. Too much weight in a truck can also make it difficult or impossible to stop in a certain amount of time or space, particularly going downhill, and can also make it hard for a truck to get uphill. If a truck is too heavy, it can actually cause the collapse of the road it is on. Bridges and overpasses have collapsed this way.

Underfilled Trucks

Conversely, trucks can also be underfilled. This is most often the case with trucks that transport hazardous liquids and materials. Underfilled trucks are susceptible to winds that can make the truck sway or tip, spilling its contents over the road and causing major environmental and human health problems. Evacuations can occur, water and soil supplies can be tainted, and cleanup can take days or weeks and cost millions of dollars.

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If you have been injured or suffered property damage in a truck accident, it is in your best interest to call a truck accident lawyer in DC for a free consultation. Keep in mind, however, that the cause of the accident may play an important role in determining how the law surrounding truck accidents applies to your situation. Consult with a DC truck accident attorney at our firm today.