Sepsis from Bedsores in DC Nursing Homes

With proper care, bedsores can be prevented or managed so that individuals do not develop sepsis. When a medical professional or health care facility fails to provide an adequate level of care, a bedsore can lead to a life-threatening condition.

Individuals who are at risk for bedsores or pressure ulcers need preventative care and monitoring. If you or someone you love developed sepsis from bedsores, you might suspect that someone’s negligence caused the condition.

An attorney could help you determine if you need to file a lawsuit. Call a nursing home abuse attorney today, if you or someone you love developed sepsis from bedsores while in a DC nursing home.

How Bedsores Can Lead to Sepsis

Individuals who are immobile are particularly high risk for the development of bedsores and sepsis. A nursing home patient, who spends long periods of time in a bed or wheelchair, may develop a pressure ulcer on a bony area of the body.

In order to prevent the development of bedsores, medical professionals could reposition a nursing home patient at appropriate intervals and keep their skin clean and dry. Adequate nutrition and hydration are also important aspects of preventative care.

In the absence of adequate medical care, bedsores may develop and worsen. As bedsores progress, the skin surrounding the affected area begins to break down. When the skin breaks, bacteria can enter the open wound.

Infections, caused by bacteria entering the wound, can be avoided with simple treatments such as antibiotics and dressings. However, if the individual does not receive adequate treatment for the decubitus ulcer, an infection can develop and spread.

An infection of the blood can lead to sepsis. Sepsis is a way in which the body may react to infections, causing organ damage and deterioration. A nursing home patient who has sepsis may have to be transferred to a hospital for specialized care.

An attorney could help individuals investigate whether or not sepsis developed from bedsores in their case. It may also be important to review medical records for information regarding the care that the injured individual received during the relevant time period.

Options for Individuals Who Developed Sepsis Due to Bedsores

If an individual with bedsores developed sepsis while under the care of a medical professional, they might have a medical malpractice claim. Trained medical professionals have a duty to meet the standard of care. When sepsis develops from bedsores, a medical professional may have failed in:

  • Providing wound care to the patient
  • Diagnosing an infection
  • Treating an infection

If a health care provider’s failure to meet the standard of care caused sepsis to develop from bedsores, the individual or their family may be able to recover damages due to medical negligence.

An attorney could help an individual or members of their family take legal action against a negligent health care provider. If the injured individual required surgery or other medical procedures to treat sepsis, these medical expenses may be recoverable in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

How an Attorney Could Help if Sepsis Developed from Pressure Ulcers

Not every case of sepsis is the result of negligence, but it is important to determine if a person or facility may be liable prior to the expiration of the claim. A seasoned legal advocate could help an individual obtain medical records, review documentation, and get opinions from medical experts regarding liability and causation. If you or a loved one contracted sepsis due to mismanaged bedsores in a DC nursing home, contact an attorney today.