Washington DC Nursing Home Bedsore Case Value

Enduring an injury that results from the onset of a bedsore is never an easy experience. However, residents forced to endure this trauma likely have a cause of action to demand compensation from negligent nursing homes. Whether these cases are based upon a theory of common negligence or medical malpractice, an injured resident has the right to be made whole again.

There is no set value for a Washington, DC nursing home bedsore case. However, an experienced attorney could help clients and their families to measure their losses and to demand appropriate compensation in settlement talks and in court. This typically includes compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Bedsores as a Cause of Action

To demand compensation following any personal injury, a plaintiff needs to prove that a defendant’s conduct caused their injury. In nursing home bedsore cases that take place in Washington, DC, this is a straightforward process. All nursing homes have an obligation to protect their residents from foreseeable harm. Naturally, this includes the prevention of the onset of bedsores. As a result, the contraction of a bedsore may indicate that a nursing home was negligent.

In other cases, a nursing home may not be negligent if a bedsore becomes an issue but may inflict serious harm if they do not provide proper treatment. Nursing home staff must be able to properly diagnose a bedsore, be aware of the potential complications, and know when a hospital transfer is necessary to provide proper treatment. Failure to do so may give rise to a medical malpractice claim.

Demanding Proper Compensation

The compensation in a bedsore injury claim, as with all personal injury claims, is limited by the plaintiff’s losses. It follows that a plaintiff must be sure to make an accurate accounting of their losses to receive appropriate payments. The most obvious source of loss is the costs of medical treatment needed to treat the injury.

Even if Medicare or another insurance company cover most or all the costs of treatment, a claim should demand compensation for all the medical bills accumulated in the case. In addition, a case should demand payment for any mental trauma endured in the incident.

Bedsores can be extremely painful not just while the wound is untreated, but also during the healing process. A claim should demand appropriate compensation for this pain and suffering.

Finally, there is no limit set by Washington, DC law on the potential compensation in a bedsore injury case. While many states, Maryland and Virginia for example, have set recovery limits on nursing home injury cases, Washington, DC does not.

As a result, plaintiffs in these claims can demand every dollar to which they are entitled, and juries are empowered to order negligent nursing homes to provide payment. An attorney could help residents who suffered bedsore injuries to properly value their claims and to demand appropriate compensation.

A DC Nursing Home Bedsore Case Value Will Vary

A bedsore can have a devastating effect on a nursing home resident’s physical health as well as their psyche. Nursing homes who allow these injuries to occur, or those who do not take appropriate steps to treat these injuries, can be held responsible to provide compensation.

There is no set or standard damages table for bedsore injury cases in Washington, DC. Indeed, juries in these matters are free to award whatever damages they deem necessary to make the plaintiff whole again. This typically includes compensation to pay for any medical bills, payments to cover pain and suffering, and compensation for any mental trauma endured in the incident.

An attorney can help clients to properly value their Washington, DC nursing home bedsore case. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about your options.