Bedsore Treatment in Washington DC Nursing Homes

It is bad enough to endure poor care in a Washington DC nursing home that leads to the onset of bedsores. The mere appearance of these injuries may be signs of negligence on the part of staff or management. However, once these sores do appear, nurses and doctors should take every possible step to limit the damage and to return the resident to health.

Bedsore treatment in Washington DC nursing homes should be a core skill for all nursing home staff. Sadly, a failure to provide adequate care can lead to the worsening of residents’ conditions and an even more severe injury. An attorney could help patients and their families to better understand bedsores, what treatment to expect, and to press for their legal rights when nursing homes fail to provide this treatment.

Approved Treatment for Bedsores

In simple terms, a bedsore is a pressure injury that results from force being applied over time to an area of the body. These injuries typically manifest as bruises or open wounds. As a result, it is imperative that staff in Washington DC’s nursing homes be able to quickly diagnose the problem and to implement a treatment plan.

Treatment for a minor bedsore may be as simple as turning the patient and massaging the affected areas. This can restore proper blood flow and allow the area to breathe. This typically applies if the bedsore is little more than a bruise.

More severe bedsores will result in the death of tissue that may expose muscles or bone. In these cases, treating doctors or nurses should take aggressive steps to prevent infection that may include the application of antibiotics. It may also be necessary to perform surgery to remove dead tissue or to install skin grafts to aid in the healing process. While these are common steps that medical professionals may take to treat a bedsore, it is important to remember that all cases are unique. An attorney and a medical expert could help clients to evaluate the steps taken by medical staff following the onset of a bedsore.

Legal Options in the Event of Poor Care

All nursing homes in Washington DC have a duty to care for their residents as medical providers. This includes an obligation to quickly diagnose a health problem such as a bedsore and to take appropriate actions to provide treatment. This may include a swift transfer to a local hospital for specialized treatment.

Nursing homes who fail in this duty may commit medical malpractice. Nursing home residents who suffer a worsening in their condition due to malpractice may have the right to collect compensation.

An attorney could help clients to evaluate the care that they have received after a diagnosis of a bedsore. They can help clients to hire medical experts needed to prove their cases in settlement talks and in court.

These cases are in addition to any claims for simple negligence that may have resulted in the onset of a bedsore in the first place. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about legal steps to take concerning bedsores.

Proper Bedsore Treatment in DC Nursing Homes is Vital

Bedsores are some of the most common injuries endured by residents in Washington DC’s nursing homes. Even if the staff of that nursing home are not negligent in allowing the bedsore to develop, they still have a duty to provide proper treatment following a diagnosis.

Bedsores range in severity from mere annoyances to life-threatening conditions. As a result, treatment may consist of simple massage and increased monitoring, to a transfer to a hospital for emergency surgery. If a failure to provide proper care leads to a worsening in a resident’s health, that resident may have a claim for medical malpractice. An attorney could help residents to evaluate the steps taken following a bedsore injury to determine their legal options. Contact a lawyer today to discuss your case.

Bedsore Treatment in Washington DC Nursing Homes