What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident in DC 

Motorcycle collisions can have sometimes devastating repercussions. It can be hard to know what to do after a motorcycle accident in DC, especially if you have sustained serious injuries or significant property damage. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney could help you navigate the motorcycle accident process. Work with a lawyer that could devote the time and resources necessary to help you recover damages for your injuries.

Important Aspects Following an Accident 

The first thing a person needs to do if they are in a motorcycle accident is determine if they need medical care or not. That should be the first thing they would think about doing because if they need medical care, that is the first thing they could possibly do. Go get medical care because if a person is an accident and they might be hurt, they need to take good care of themselves. Also, they can call the police to make an accident report. 

They should determine if they need to go a hospital. The first thing they should do is call the police and make a report, make sure everyone’s okay, go to the hospital and exchange information if they are able to. 

What Someone Should Do if They Are Uninsured

If an individual does not have insurance for the motorcycle that they are riding when they get in an accident, there is an indemnity. It is called the uninsured motorist fund in DC. There is an uninsured motorist fund in DC so a person can file a claim with them but if they are driving their own bike and they do not have insurance, they cannot then file a claim against the unfair accident they caused. Basically, if a person gets hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance, they sue the fund. 

Starting the Motorcycle Crash Case Process

An individual should get in contact with a motorcycle accident as soon as possible, in order to begin the case process. Their attorney could help them gain a better understanding of what to do after a motorcycle accident in DC. One of the first actions an attorney might suggest is, getting copies of both the police report and the accident victim’s medical records. Those pieces of information are often instrumental in building a motorcycle crash claim.

The lawyer could also file a claim against the other parties involved. They can file a third-party claim and they can also file for what is called PIP which is personal injury protection, which is if a person gets hurt, then their medical bills get paid. 

Benefit of Consulting a DC Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is vital that you get in touch with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney could help you hold the responsible party accountable. The negligent driver could potentially go to jail for their negligence, especially if they also were driving without a license or without insurance. Your attorney could investigate the facts and circumstances giving rise to the accident and will be able to provide the individual with advice on compensation as quickly as possible. Speak to a capable attorney that could help you decide what to do after a motorcycle accident in DC.