Health Insurance and DC Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycle riders involved in an accident typically suffer far more extensive injuries as compared to drivers of an automobile who are involved in an accident. Issues surrounding health insurance and DC motorcycle accidents have an important interplay.

Routinely, motorcycle accidents cause major injuries to motorcycle riders. In addition, motorcycle accidents are the cause of a large number of fatalities. When crashes occur, the costs of care to the riders is often significantly large due to the seriousness and severity of the injuries, whether or not the crash eventually resulted in a death to the rider.

Expenses associated with critical injuries sustained by motorcyclists can be astronomical. Costs also soar in certain situations, such as when a motorcycle rider needs to be air lifted to a hospital.As one might imagine, the costs of an air ambulance is substantial, and as a rule, insurance companies refuse to pay for such expenses. Contact a qualified motorcycle attorney who can help you hold the insurance company responsible.

Health Expenses after DC Motorcycle Accidents

Often, motorcycle riders who have been in an accident have to pay a significant amount of their expenses out-of-pocket, depending on the type and amount of health insurance coverage they may have.

Even when a motorcycle rider maintains good health insurance coverage, they may have to incur thousands of dollars to account for medical expenses, co-pays, and co-insurance.

These types of expenses can also occur when the rider is forced to miss work due to the injuries they have suffered.

If the motorcycle rider were to pass away after receiving medical care, the uninsured costs automatically pass to the decedent’s estate, and the rider’s family could be left with nothing in the estate. This problem is exacerbated when the rider happened to be their family’s primary breadwinner.

There are laws that seek to protect victims and their families from certain medical expenses, such as when financial losses are extensive due to a motorcycle accident that was not the fault of the motorcycle driver.

Insurance Companies and Losses

The insurance company of a negligent automobile driver may end up paying for costs which resulted due to the driver’s negligence. Motorcycle riders that have been injured in an accident may seek compensation for medical expenses, in addition to other nonfinancial and financial losses that stem from the crash.

When the motorcycle driver is at fault for the crash, the situation is very different. If there were passengers along with the negligent driver, then the passengers or their family may make a claim against the negligent motorcycle driver.

Role of a DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

DC motorcycle accident attorneys take all accidents seriously. A lawyer’s experience with motorcycle accidents and extensive negotiations with insurance companies means that insurance companies will take your lawyer seriously.

An experienced lawyer will have dealt with health insurance and DC motorcycle accidents before and know what approaches to take. A capable attorney will conduct themselves with diligence and zeal, in order to receive the maximum amount you may be entitled to. A DC motorcycle accident lawyer can be there for you each step of the way.