Role of a DC Attorney in a Motorcycle Accident Case

If you or someone you know is interested in filing a motorcycle accident action it is important you contact a DC motorcycle attorney who can help navigate you through the legal process and take the burden of legalities off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your treatment. Additionally, an experienced attorney will have the knowledge necessary to handle these kinds of claims while helping to fight the insurance companies when necessary.

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Why is Hiring an Attorney Important For a Motorcycle Claim?

“By hiring our firm, you are retaining experienced counsel that have dealt with insurance companies day in and day out for years, ensuring that your recovery is maximized.”

    – DC Injury Attorney John Yannone

Hiring an attorney is important because it is not a simple process and the insurance companies are concerned about protecting their profits and the interests of their insured, and they make a concerted effort not to simply pay the injured victim what they are due. In fact, they try to do everything to do just the opposite.

In DC, there’s a doctrine called contributory negligence, and that means that the at-fault party can be 99% at fault, but if the injured victim is deemed even 1% at fault, it bars recovery. The insurance company likes to jump on, investigate, and get recorded statements that they’re not entitled to, with the sole view of trying to figure out how they can get out of paying, or, if they can’t get out of paying altogether, how to minimize their exposure.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Many people don’t realize that because they have their own insurance company. They may have dealt with their own insurance company for other matters such as a simple business transaction, and that’s what they expect if they deal with the at-fault’s insurance company. They’re the injured victim due to the negligence of insurance company’s driver, so it just doesn’t happen that way. There are many insurance companies out there that have taken a very proactive and aggressive stance of trying to minimize recoveries in auto accidents across the board, so that they can save money and pass the savings on to the shareholders and the profits of the company. Making legal representation from someone with experience important.

So, it’s very important to hire an attorney right away. You want an experienced attorney who has done these cases for a long time and has a lot of experience with insurance companies. And you want an attorney who litigates against insurance companies all the time, because then the insurance companies know that they’re not going to get away with lowballing the case. They will be forced to do the right thing, which is making sure that the recovery is maximized.