DC Rollover Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured as a result of a rollover accident? Large trucks have a responsibility, just like everyone else, to ensure a reasonable amount of safety for those with whom they share the highway. If a large truck has rolled over and damaged yourself or your property, a DC rollover accident lawyer can help you hold the driver or the company accountable. Call today to discuss your case with an experienced DC car accident lawyer.

Working with a DC Rollover Accident Lawyer

Our attorneys are familiar with the local statutes and court systems and will be able to help you navigate them effectively. Their experience enables them to fight for the highest possible compensation based on the circumstances of your case. You might not know all the different ways that the driver or company can be liable, but we do. We can hold them accountable for their negligent actions, which can include:

A DC lawyer can work to identify all the different ways that the responsible party was negligent and present that evidence to the court to help you towards a more favorable outcome for your rollover accident case.

Rollover Causes

Rollover accidents can be influenced by a vehicle’s stability when turning. A vehicle’s center of gravity directly impacts its likelihood of rolling. The track width, which is the distance between the front left and front right wheels, also plays a role in a vehicle’s likelihood to roll. If a vehicle, such as an SUV, has a high center of gravity (thus making it top heavy) and also has a narrow track, the vehicle will not be able to handle fast, sharp turns and this instability will cause it to tip over, thus causing a roll. If a vehicle hits a curb, a bump in the road, or an object while the vehicle is travelling at a high speed, the vehicle stands a higher risk of tipping over.

As your DC rollover accident attorney will explain, other factors for whether a vehicle will roll are not include poorly maintained or defective tires, hazardous road conditions, and added weight. More weight increases the likelihood that an SUV will roll. Similarly, vans and pickup trucks (also vehicles which are designed to move multiple people or heavy loads) are likely to roll because of their design and added weight.

Documenting a Rollover Accident

In any situation where you think you may be bringing a suit against another party, it is useful to gather as much information as possible. In a rollover case, evidence could include the associated police report, witness testimony, and any pictures taken of the accident. In addition, you should also keep careful track of any medical complications or expenses arising from your injury. Keeping clear records of this will help our DC rollover crash attorneys fight for what you are owed. Medical expenses can include:

  • Initial hospital bills
  • Painkillers, crutches, braces, etc.
  • Fees for checkups
  • Physical therapy bills

Any expenses incurred as a result of the injury, not just medical expenses, can help determine the amount of your compensation. These secondary expenses may include:

  • Rental or taxi fees for transportation
  • Childcare fees if your injury keeps you from looking after your children
  • Loss of income or wages resulting from the injury

Finally, make sure to record any medical issues you experience, including:

  • Concussion
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Broken bones
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nerve impingement (numbness and tingling in extremities)

Remember that any pain or difficulty, concrete or otherwise, you experience as a result of negligence could be included in your injury claim. Thus, it’s important to record everything.

Call a DC Rollover Accident Attorney Today

If you are dealing with the inconvenience and frustration of an injury, adding the stress of a court case to what you are experiencing can seem overwhelming. Hiring a DC rollover accident lawyer can help make your court case more manageable and help maximize the restitution you deserve. Reach out today to get started on your case.