Hiring a DC Car Accident Lawyer

Looking for legal representation after a car accident in DC? Here is what you should know before hiring an attorney. To learn more or discuss what a DC car accident lawyer with our firm can do for you, all today.

What Experience Do You Have That Makes You Qualified To Handle Car Accident Cases?

I’ve done it for twenty seven years. Not everything remains the same within the insurance industry in terms of how they look at cases, so I’ve been through twenty seven years of seeing how they do things and know most of the insurance companies, if not all, through the adjusters. They know me and the firm, and they know that with that kind of experience being in the trenches and fighting for injury victims, they can’t just low-ball cases and think they can get away with it, because we’re going to pursue cases in court to get judgments against them, and we’re going to fight for every single client in each of their individual cases. That’s how we look at it, that’s how we pursue it, and that’s why we get the results we get.

What Are Some Benefits Of Retaining A Law Firm As Opposed To A Solo Practitioner?

Well, generally it’s a matter of resources and experience, because you want to get an attorney who litigates cases. At the end of the day when insurance companies are evaluating a case to determine what the likely outcome is going to be, if they think that they can throw out an offer and the attorney is not going to be willing to try a case, that certainly goes into the insurance company’s calculus as to what they’re going to offer.

So, to keep the insurance companies honest and keep the pressure on them, it is best that injured parties seek experienced trial attorneys who have fought the insurance companies day in and day out for a long time, know the playing field, the jurisdiction, know the courts, and the judges, and know the adjusters at the insurance companies.  Those adjusters will know whether the attorney will try a case to maximize the recovery for the client if a fair value is not put on the case because that’s goes into the insurance company’s evaluation.

So, when looking for an attorney or a firm, it’s very important to find out whether litigate cases, do they have the resources to litigate the case, and do they have the experience of doing so, because then the client is in good hands to have their recovery maximized.

What Do You Find Interesting About Car Accident Cases?

Every case has its own issues and because no two people are alike and no two happenings are alike and no two people get the same treatment and no two people come with the same health conditions prior to the accident, every single case is different. So, there are a lot of variables that make every case different and every set of facts has to be applied to the law that’s applicable to that case.

From that perspective, I find every case interesting.  You need to know how to focus on the issues, to investigate, and to come up with the best approach and strategy to tackle the issues and the proof that every case requires for a successful outcome.

What Do You Find Challenging About Car Accident Cases?

It could be an interesting issue of who the at fault party is, is the vehicle owned by a government entity, is there immunity, was there an emergency vehicle involved in the accident such that there might be an issue as to whether they can be held responsible.

In medical issues, becoming involved in the medicine of the case to understand the nature of the injuries and if it impacts any prior conditions or the severity of the injuries, and the likelihood of recovery.  The medical issues become very challenging, including whether there are any causation issues with regards to the injuries from the accident versus any other condition.

Each case has its own challenges that may arise, and generally speaking, every case is challenging to make sure that the issues are identified, addressed, and the evidence is gathered to be able to overcome any obstacles and challenges in the case so that we can meet or approve and maximize an injure party’s recovery.