DC Highway Accident Lawyer

In the District of Columbia, there are a number of intercity roads and urban roads since it is a densely populated city. However, there are highways and freeways that border the city that attract a lot of commuter traffic in and out of the city every day. Therefore, given the high volume of traffic, there is a propensity for motor vehicle collisions to occur at these locations.

Highway accidents can have serious repercussions and expensive recovery periods. If you have been involved in an accident, you should reach out to an experienced accident attorney to begin your fight for compensation. A DC highway accident lawyer understands the complexities of these accidents and can help you build your case right away,

Common Collisions

A motor vehicle collision that occurs on a highway is different in a number of ways from a typical accident, given the mechanics of the accident as well as the potential vehicles involved, the correlating nature, and extent of the injuries, among many other factors that go into evaluating motor vehicle collisions in the District of Columbia.

In DC, there is a large volume of traffic and this creates a lot of stop-and-go traffic during regular commuting hours. Therefore, the most common type of motor vehicle collision that DC highway attorneys see on the highway is a rear-end style of motor vehicle accident in commuter traffic, where one party simply fails to pay full-time attention to the roadway or the traffic conditions existing at that time and strikes the rear of the vehicle directly in front of them.

Impact of Speeding

Speed on the highway can have a number of ripple effects given the increased speed on the highway. However, highway collisions in and around DC rarely occur simply because of speed.

Highway collisions occur due to a combination of factors, be it traffic conditions, weather conditions or some other level of impairment by a driver which, in combination with the speed, lead to a particular type of accident that manifests itself on or near highways.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

Whenever anyone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, they should assess the situation and determine if they are safe in their current position. If possible and if necessary, anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision should move to a position of safety so as to avoid any further exacerbating injuries from subsequent motor vehicle collisions.

Aside from that, it is important to collect as much information of the accident scene regarding the people involved, the types of motor vehicles involved, any witness information among many other factors that go into the specific facts of that individual case.

The best way to go about doing this is to call a local police department and request that they respond to the scene in order to process pertinent information regarding the facts of the loss, the people involved, and any potential witnesses. They should also then seek to receive medical attention as soon as they are able. Once these important steps at the scene of the accident are taken care of, it is then very important to contact a DC highway accident lawyer.