Advantages of Hiring An Attorney For a Virginia Medical Malpractice Case

There are a number of advantages to hiring an experienced injury lawyer if you have been the victim of medical malpractice. Below, a Virginia medical malpractice lawyer discusses these advantages and the positive impact that they can have on your case. To learn more or schedule a free consultation call today.

Advantage #1: Staff Investigators To Conduct An Investigation

Conducting an investigation can cost a lot of money, and most injured people don’t have money that they can just dip into if they need to hire a private investigator. Attorneys, on the other hand, often have staff investigators that are on salary, who they can dispatch at a moment’s notice to go out and interview witnesses, to take pictures of the scene, and collect other types of evidence, all of which provide a huge benefit when it comes time to file a claim.

Advantage #2: Make Sure You Are Medically Covered

In addition to the investigation, hiring an attorney from the very beginning can also help coordinate your own insurance benefits to make sure that you are covered, and not paying out of pocket for medical bills that might be paid otherwise. An attorney can make sure that everything is tabulated and tracked so that if it becomes necessary to take the claim to the other party, all of the bills are accounted for and you can present them for payment. Then, when it comes to filing suit or negotiating with a defendant’s insurance company, having an experienced attorney by your side can help guide you toward recovery, advise you as to how to protect your rights and build the strongest case possible.

Advantage #3: Putting Together Your Case

Another advantage to an attorney is that they will be able to gather all the records, gather the history of the patient, and have a qualified physicians review the records and identify what potential areas of malpractice. Our expert physicians can then request additional records, as oftentimes it’s not just the records related to treatment received that are going to be important, but the client’s prior medical records as well. An attorney can gather what’s necessary to have a physician provide an opinion, and can get Virginia doctors, or doctors who are able to testify as to the standard of care in Virginia, to opine as to what type of care was received and where a breach of the standard of care might have occurred.

Advantage #4: Establishing a Breach of Standard Care

There’s a threshold matter in Virginia of establishing the breach of standard of care, but that’s only part of it. Most times, you need a different expert who spends their life working these types of cases, so you need a different person to establish what the damages are and what causation is.

Advantage #5: Adding Expert Testimony

If you’re the victim of medical malpractice that left you paraplegic, and you worked as a UPS driver before that, you’re going to need expert testimony to say what your loss of earning capacity is, and expert testimony to say what future care you might need. That could be a life care planner saying what type of future medical care you’re going to need, it could be an expert economist to say what your loss of future income is going to be. Those things are very, very difficult for the average person to understand without the aid of expert testimony, and once you’re in the litigation phase there is not much time to scramble and put it together.

Consult With a VA Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

A lawyer who is experienced in this type of law will know what you need from the very beginning. They will be able to line up the experts, the evidence, and the witnesses necessary to put you in the best position to recover the damages to which you’re entitled. To learn more about how an attorney can benefit you, call and schedule a consultation today.