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If you find that you or a family member has been injured by a doctor’s failure to appropriately treat, you should contact a Virginia failure to diagnose lawyer right away to determine whether you could be successful in seeking compensation for the damages you have suffered.

There is no question that patients rely on their doctors for a timely diagnosis and an accurate conclusion regarding their medical situation. While there are some medical conditions that are very difficult to diagnose, each physician has a duty to provide exceptional care for their patients, which means that it is essential that they do everything within reason to provide an accurate diagnosis for any illness. Failure to provide an accurate diagnosis or treatment in the state of Virginia can be considered medical malpractice.

When Work with a Virginia Failure to Diagnose Lawyer?

Failure to Treat Lawyer in VirginiaTypically, the more serious the disease, the more serious the consequences, particularly when it comes to damage and injury that can result from the failure to treat the condition. The reality for many patients is their doctor may not be able to improve their medical condition, despite their best efforts. There are some conditions that are particularly difficult to treat. There is a difference, however, between a disease that is difficult, if not impossible, to treat, and a disease that is either misdiagnosed or not properly treated. The primary question that you should ask is whether the doctor did everything that was possible to make an accurate diagnosis and then treated the condition to the fullest extent possible. This will likely include completing a thorough evaluation of the medical history of the patient and discussing the symptoms experienced with a Virginia failure to diagnose lawyer knowledgeable regarding medical malpractice claims.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Illnesses

Among the most common conditions that can be misdiagnosed are:

  • Otosclerosis: This is a type of abnormal growth of bones within the inner ear that can cause loss of balance or hearing loss;
  • Sleep Disorders: These are not fatal, but often left undiagnosed due to the fact that there are many factors that may cause sleeplessness;
  • Toxoplasmosis: This is a type of parasitic infection that may result from the consumption of contaminated food as well as organ transplants or blood transfusions. Many people who suffer from toxoplasmosis never go to an emergency room due to the lack of obvious symptoms.

Other very serious wrong diagnoses can include:

Misdiagnosis v. Failure to Diagnose

While both of these situations are due to cases of physician negligence and medical malpractice, a failure to diagnose is different from actual misdiagnosis. Although the absence of a diagnosis is also considered a misdiagnosis, the misdiagnosis is not the same as a failure to diagnose. There are a number of conditions that have very similar symptoms as other conditions, which may make the case of a misdiagnosis much more likely.

An example of this type of condition is known as aortic dissection, which occurs when a tear in the inner wall of the aorta causes blood to flow between the layers of the wall of the aorta, forcing the layers apart. In most cases, this is associated with severe chest or abdominal pain that may be misdiagnosed as heartburn. The condition, however, is extremely dangerous and can quickly lead to death.

Another commonly misdiagnosed medical issue that is also potentially quite dangerous can be seen with various forms of cancer, but particularly colorectal cancer and breast cancer. As a Virginia failure to diagnose lawyer can tell you, cases of misdiagnosis are typically due to the fact that a doctor does not adhere to the regulations for cancer screening. Patients are encouraged to always seek additional testing by their doctors, and a second opinion when cancer is suspected. If you feel as though your condition has been misdiagnosed and that your physician has failed to treat your condition you should immediately seek medical care elsewhere.

Call a Virginia Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

You should also seek the help of a well-qualified Virginia misdiagnosis attorney, one has experience litigating cases where patients were not properly treated or who suffered from a failed or missed diagnosis. That experience will enable your attorney to build the strongest possible case for earning you the compensation that you will require. Failure to properly or adequately treat a medical condition can not only lead to further health complications, it can trigger an onslaught of excessive medical bills and can hamper your ability to work and your personal relationships. If you are suffering any of these negative consequences, contact our Virginia law offices today for a free case consultation.

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