Washington DC Occupational Driver’s License Lawyer

For workers whose job is reliant on their ability to drive, a revoked license could pose a serious problem. Without a license, they may be unable to provide for themselves and their family. Fortunately, there may be steps an individual could take to obtain an occupational driver’s license.

If you need help with the application process, you may benefit from contacting a Washington DC occupational driver’s license lawyer. Our legal team could investigate the incident and represent you at your hearing. today to speak with a license attorney who could help you get back on the road.

Laws that Govern Occupational Driver’s Licenses

Drivers can lose their licenses for many reasons. With the exception of people who have been convicted of drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter, or other serious offenses, almost anyone can ask to be issued an occupational driver’s license.

These licenses do not grant drivers permission to operate a vehicle at any time. They exist for the sole purpose of allowing people to commute to work. Professional drivers may also use an occupational license as a way to keep working while they apply for a reinstatement.

Once an individual submits a formal application to the Department of Motor Vehicles and is approved, they may only drive five days a week for a maximum of eight hours a day. Additionally, any driving done with this type of license must take place along the route between work and home.

Failure to adhere to these regulations could lead to arrest. A local attorney could provide more information about the restrictions associated with an occupational driver’s license.

Applying for an Occupational License in the District of Columbia

Drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked must submit their application through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The paperwork must include the following information from the applicant:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Days and hours of employment
  • Address of the workplace
  • Information concerning the make and model of the work vehicle
  • Requested travel time

Applicants must also receive certification from their employer that driving is essential to their continued occupation. This certification must be on company letterhead and contain the signature of a supervisor. A nearby occupational driver’s license lawyer could work with an applicant and their employer to complete and submit the necessary paperwork.

A Washington DC Occupational Driver’s License Attorney Could Help

Frequent moving violations or other driving offenses often result in license suspension or revocation. This could place a great strain on a worker’s ability to continue earning a living. Fortunately, many drivers may be eligible for the occupational license program.

If you are currently unable to drive due to prior offenses, a Washington DC occupational driver’s license lawyer could work for you. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys could help you navigate the application process and maintain your livelihood. Contact our office today to talk to an occupational driver’s license lawyer and explore your options.